Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Screen Adaptations I am looking forward to

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Upcoming book adaptations I am curious about! Some of them are only rumored or I haven’t heard from them in years.. But we might still see all of them!

The Wheel of Time / Robert Jordan


I recently read that amazon is working on a TV show based the epic Fantasy series. I didn’t like the books, but as a series I would surely give it a try. They will hopefully condense the whole thing and maybe cut a few characters. Maybe make the female characters more likeable. Maybe just INVENT your OWN female characters. And keep the skirt smoothing and braid tugging at a minimum πŸ˜€

The Way of Kings / Brandon Sanderson


DMG Entertainment got the rights for the whole cosmere and the Stormlight Archives are getting turned into movies. They already hired screenwriters and I assume it won’t take too long until we hear from them. DMG wants to have its own Marvel universe. And if you ask me, the Cosmere would be perfect, if done right. (And better than the Marvel universe).

Uprooted / Naomi Novik


I read that Ellen DeGeneres is trying to adapt the novel together with the author. But that’s all until now. And Warner Bros has the rights. No major news for a while though..

Temeraire / Naomi Novik


Peter Jackson was once interested in adapting the series as films or a mini-series. He lost interest and it probably was to big. But after the success of ‘Game of Thrones’ and other Fantasy movies, it might get picked up again. I hope!

The Paper Magician / Charlie N. Holmberg


Picked up by Disney as a movie. The screenplay is being written at the moment.

The MaddAddam Trilogy / Margaret Atwood


HBO was working on it but then dropped it, unfortunately. It has been picked up by Paramount TV and I hope we get to see a series at some point.

The Kingkiller Chronicle / Patrick Rothfuss


There’s been talk about a movie, a show and video games. The rights are with Lionsgate and Sam Raimi will work on the movie, which will hopefully deal with book 1. There’s a TV show coming to Showtime that takes place before the trilogy and features 2 different characters. Not sure how I feel about that.

Hyperion / Dan Simmons


To be a mini-series on Syfy.. Maybe? Last news was from 2015. Hopefully.. I haven’t read it, but it’s on my list and I would be very interested!

His Dark Materials / Philip Pullman

northern lights

Is going to be a TV show on BBC. There are actually already people being cast so this is really going to happen. Can only be better than that movie they made.

Foundation / Isaac Asimov


I just got really excited when I saw that HBO is going to adapt it! I haven’t read it, although it’s been on my list for years now. But I watch everything that HBO does, and wanted them to do more Science-Fiction for a while now! I am not sure how this project is going, as I haven’t read any news in years.. But it hasn’t been dropped, so that’s a good sign I suppose? We can only wait & see.Β Jonathan Nolan is working on the project and due to the success of ‘Westworld’, which he is working on as well, it might just have to wait.. or get dropped. Who knows.



It is coming. But probably not before 2020. And there’s going to be 2 or more movies. If Sting is not cast again, I will be very disappointed!



Anything you are looking forward to? Let me know πŸ™‚


  1. WoT would be awesome. A tv show would definitely be better than movies, allow more for story telling time.

    Foundation would be cool, except I’d be afraid that they would “modernize” it and turn it into a drama and sex fest. Especially from hbo.

    Dune. I will watch it when it comes out no matter what. Even if it is the worst movie ever made πŸ™‚

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  2. I am super interested in The Name of the Wind adaptation. When I read the book for the first time, I remember thinking “Eddie Redmayne would make a great Kote!”. And getting that adaptation out might mean the 3rd book in the series is on the way?

    and I am always interested in more Dune stuff.


    1. I haven’t heard of the 3rd books in years, but I hope you are right and it’s getting closer to being finished.

      I hope they get an unknown actor for Kvothe πŸ˜€ I like Eddie Redmayne, but for me he wouldn’t fit.


  3. I’m always scared that adaptations are going to ruin the book for me. So I’d rather Hyperion didn’t get made for TV/film. It’s one of my all time favorite books😊

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  4. Why??? Why??? Why are they doing it again? The HdM movie was such a disaster. I will try the TV show but I don’t think it’s going to satisfy me.
    Dune – again… Moah… They shall start to adapt some books we don’t already have ahundred of movies of. -.-
    I can’t wait for all the Cosmere stuff. I’m not sure about the Uprooted adaptation and about the Kingkiller Chronicles. (Sounds a bit like what they planned to do with the Dark Tower books – and the movie sucked after all)
    I’m excited to see what they gonna do with WoT and The Papermagician.
    I’m planning to read Ready player One soon. (Or listen to it due to my audible test account) because I want to watch the movie afterwards. And I can’t wait for the second season of Westworld. The first was amazing.

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  5. hehe yeah they could definitely do with adding some female characters to Eye of the World πŸ˜‰ And I think it would be great if they condensed it, I’d definitely give it a try! Name of the Wind would be a cool movie. And I have my fingers crossed about the Northern Lights adaptation as well!

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  6. I read and really enjoyed the Foundation Trilogy and if HBO adapts it, I’m aaalllll in! Huge believer in their content. And.. while I have yet to read Dune, knowing that one of my favourite director’s of all time will be working on it just promises GREAT things!!! πŸ˜€ And the Cosmere universe?! I can definitely see it being an epic one that blows away the Marvel universe (even though popularity-wise, it’s going to be a challenge!). Awesome list! πŸ˜€

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