March 2018

My March was pretty busy again. I didn’t really find enough time to blog or read. There was always something else. I also had my 30th birthday, which I did not celebrate very much. I’m not into birthday parties any more, since I turned 18 I think. Why do we celebrate being closer to death? It’s kinda weird if you look at it like that 😀

grumpy cat bday

What I read

Wyrd Sisters / Terry Pratchett –> finished! Re-Read. I liked it even more than the first time! The witches really are so funny and so different! Loved Greebo’s cameo as well.

Saga Vol. 5 / Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples –> finished! I liked it much, MUCH more again! Lots of action, tension, character development, twists and an interesting ending. Can’t wait to continue!

Every Heart a Doorway / Seanan McGuire –> finished! Audio-Book. Here is my Review.

Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson –> 350/1233. No progress here. Just didn’t feel like it.. Holding it up hurts my arms! 😀

The Crimson Campaign / Brian McClellan –> 54% in. Hell yeah! This book is so great! All the storylines are really entertaining and I love Ka-poel.^^

Malice / John Gwynne –> 2h 18 min in. Over 20h to go. I am still a bit confused by all the different names. And not a big fan of the Scottish accents. But I will stick with it for now. Don’t really know what it’s about yet, it’s still mostly character introduction and info dumping.

What I am watching

We started a new show called Here and Now. It’s a comedy-drama by HBO from the guy who did ‘Six Feet Under’, one of our all-time favourites. You notice and that’s great! The biggest difference is, that it’s supernatural so far, with different characters seeing the numbers 11/11 everywhere. In the center of this show are an older couple and their 4 grown-up children. 3 of the kids are adopted, 1 is their biological daughter. Lots of conflict, drama, awkwardness…. It’s really cool so far! We are 3 episodes in and hooked.

Apart from that, it’s Footy Season again!!


Aussies love their AFL and I am really into it as well now. Such a great sport to watch! We go for the Geelong Cats and hope they win the premiership this season. We DO have the best team. If you ask me 😉

Apart from that, I am watching a whole lot of New Japan Pro Wrestling.. it’s SO different from WWE! They are both entertaining.. but NJPW is sometimes a bit more dramatic in their storylines and their wrestling style is more risky. Sometimes it feels a bit like anime^^

golden lovers.gif

I don’t actually know what I want to read next month. At the moment I am happy if I read at all. So I don’t make any plans. I pick up what I feel like!


  1. Your April plans sound very good. That way there is NO pressure 🙂
    And congrats on starting what I call the Decade Birthdays. All the ones inbetween no longer matter. You are in your 30’s, then your 40’s, etc, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 37, you are in your 30’s 😀

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  2. Happy belated birthday!

    I really need to get back to reading more Terry Pratchett. I’m only about halfway through the Discworld novels, but I’m tempted to go back and re-read some of my favourites that I haven’t read since the 90s.

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  3. Wow, every comment of mine on your last couple of posts just got liked by spammers. FemaleNameXXXXXX. And their gravatar sites are not in english. Trust you’re not getting hit with spam comments…


  4. I’m going to read Saga vol 1 and 2 soon! I’m pretty excited! I hope April is a better month for you… I think birthdays can be depressing (cause of the death thing ya know) but I also think of it as celebrating my wonderful parents bringing me into the world ❤ To each their own 😀

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  5. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a pretty good reading month. I’m looking forward to reading Wyrd Sisters, partly so I can figure out if I’ve read it before or not, LOL. (I forget which Prachett I’ve read and which I haven’t.)

    Mr. Wyrm and I at this point are looking forward to our 42nd birthdays next year. We’re looking forward to being the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

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