My Trip to Adelaide: Part II

Here’s Part I.

Sorry for taking so long with the second part! I’m struggling to find time to blog (and read) these days.

I already talked about how great the Barossa Valley was, how much we loved the food, wine and the scenery! But my favourite part was without a doubt our visit to Gorge Wildlife Park. We didn’t even plan it or look it up before. We just googled places nearby and decided to give it a go. I am SO glad we did! That park was awesome! Most animals were jumping around freely and the ones that didn’t, had a lot of space. I don’t go to Zoos anymore because I feel sad for the animals. But wildlife parks or sanctuaries I like and support.

Now pictures of me feeding and petting animals.



Gotta feed them all!!


Thanks to Mr. DZ for being so patient with me^^

And also:


That was the second time I was allowed to hold a koala <3. They are always so chill and just think you’re a tree. As long as they can munch their eucalyptus, they are fine! Apart from probably having chlamydia, but let’s not talk about that 😀

We spent the last 2 days in Glenelg and had a great view from our hotel balcony again.


We had lots of long beach-walks!


Only one of the beautiful beaches around Adelaide.

Would go back!


  1. That animal sanctuary looks great. We spent a few weeks in Australia last year and were lucky enough to find a Koala with a baby in the wild at Hanging Rock, although they were quite high up.

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