My Trip to Adelaide: Part 1

Prepare for lots of pictures of food and vineyards!

So a couple of weeks ago, Mr. DZ and I jumped on a plane and traveled over to Adelaide for 7 nights. I didn’t realize how close it actually was, but we only took about an hour. I like airports and I like flying (apart from take off!), so getting there was more fun than stress..

Although our bus broke on the way and we had to catch an uber (for the first time – why didn’t we do it earlier? It’s so easy!)

I also want to mention, that while we were waiting to board the plane, the Olympic ice-hockey finale was on and we had to get on the plane, as over-time was starting. Mean!

This was the first time I booked with Virgin Airlines and they are pretty cool. You even get a free water and a little cookie, which you don’t get with Tiger Airlines or Jetstar for example. I’ll book with Virgin again!

We only spent our first night in the city. As we arrived pretty late, we didn’t do a lot. Just had some dinner, walked around a bit and went to the casino. I am not really into gambling and Mr. DZ only does it sometimes and only on holiday. But we went for the cocktails, which were yummy^^

On our second day, we went to the Barossa Valley, where we were booked in for 4 nights. The Barossa Valley is one of South Australia’s biggest wine regions and SO pretty!

We stopped in Hahndorf on our way there. It’s a little German town with lots of nice cafes and German shops. Unfortunately it was way too expensive and touristy and I wasn’t a fan.

What I was a fan of was our lovely hotel in the middle of the Barossa Valley. This was our view from the balcony:


We could see kangaroos in the morning and evening as well!

I always make sure that I book hotels with swimming pools, as I love swimming & it was super hot on some days. This pool was awesome, as we had it for ourselves most of the time!

I spent lots of time reading there!

Here’s some impressions from the Barossa:

Driving was really nice there – you had stunning views everywhere!
On top of Mt Lofty, from where you had stunning views over Adelaide!
Mengler’s Hill Sculpture Park
The Whispering Wall in Williamstown
The World’s biggest Rocking Horse in Gumeracha πŸ™‚

Now – Food!

Next part will deal with beaches and cute animals πŸ™‚


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a real vacation so I love reading these sorts of posts. Everything about this looks lovely and I can’t wait to read and see more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that looks like a great place to vacation! I think I would have spent more time reading by the pool than swimming in it, but either way it would have been amazing to have it all to oneself.

    Liked by 2 people

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