Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Autumn TBR

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The Sun’s Domain / Rebecca Levene (22.03.)

suns domain

I’ve been waiting for this! Let’s hope it really gets published soon. The date has been pushed back a couple of times already. I am so excited! It also is the last part of the trilogy, which means one down and I am doing pretty well in my quest to finish more series and read more sequels.

The Plastic Magician / Charlie N. Holmberg (15.05.)


It definitely was a nice surprise to see that there was a new novel set in the Paper Magician universe. It’s probably short again so I can squeeze it in when it gets published. It’s on my high priority list šŸ™‚

Saga 6, 7 & 8 / Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

saga 6

I would have bought them already, but the prices are ridiculous.. They are all $28 at the local shop. No, thanks. I rather order them at bookdepository for $10-$12 less! Just means I have to wait a little longer. But that’s fine – I will catch up sooner than later anyways and have to wait for the next parts then.

The Autumn Republic / Brian McClellan


I am a quarter into part 2 and can see myself racing through the rest. It’s so good!

A Game of Thrones / George R. R. Martin (Re-Read)


I already said that I am ready for a Re-Read!

Rosemary & Rue / Seanan McGuire


This is next in line on my Kindle.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones / Seanan McGuire

down among the sticks

Yes, I discovered Seanan McGuire šŸ˜€

The Name of the Wind / Patrick Rothfuss (Re-Read)


I almost bought a nice Hardcover version of this. It’s been so long since I read the novel. I am sure there are things I can’t remember anymore.

Guards! Guards! / Terry Pratchett (Re-Read)

guads guards

I mentioned already, that I am hype to continue my Re-Read šŸ™‚

Malice / John Gwynne


I am starting this as an audio book next week. It’s pretty long, over 20 hours! I hope I like it.


  1. I once read the Game of Thrones-books in Dutch, but I sold those copies and got them in English. Pretty much asks for a reread so I’m hoping to do that sometime this year, haha.
    The Name of the Wind is also on my TBR. Eventually.. Some day.. :’)

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  2. Exciting reading coming up! I love Saga so much. And Seanan McGuire basically rules my life right now — I finally read Rosemary and Rue, and haven’t been able to stop, so I’m now on the 9th book in the series. It’s amazing. I love the Wayward Children books too!

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