Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to re-read

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Guards! Guards! / Terry Pratchett

guads guards

The next book in line is the first novel dealing with the Watch and I am excited to revisit, especially since I don’t remember anything!

A Game of Thrones/ George R. R. Martin


I am rereading the books every couple of years. I think now is the time. And hey, maybe the next one is already published, when I am done, yes?

seth laugh2

Memories of Ice / Steven Erikson


You know, at least that series has an ending! I am stuck in what I thought was my favourite novel. But can feel it calling to me again πŸ˜‰

Medalon / Jennifer Fallon


I love this whole trilogy and re-read it already. Not for the last time, I always like going back to Fallon’s novels!

Assassin’s Apprentice / Robin Hobb


I am really excited about this, as I haven’t re-read the series yet and it’s been years since I read this first trilogy as well as the Liveship Traders. I didn’t even read the Liveship Traders in English yet, only the German translation

A Cavern of Black Ice / J. V. Jones


I picked it up again last week and am almost halfway through. It’s really getting tense, I am enjoying it a whole lot!

Night Watch / Sergej Lukianenko


I read the books when I started uni. Too long ago πŸ˜€ I’ve never read the last 2 books, but before I do that, I’d like to reread the whole series. Even book 2. I remember not liking it too much.

The Name of the Wind / Patrick Rothfuss


Even though I am annoyed, that the last book is nowhere to be seen… I enjoyed the 2 books too much and want to read them again at some point.


  1. I bet when you start in on the Malazan books, without all the note taking and paying super close attention that you’ll like it more. I almost want to re-re-re-read Memories of Ice and just burn (hahaha) through it to see if I liked better than when I did the readalong. I think it is too intense a series to pick apart and enjoy. One or the other πŸ˜€

    And I am really interested in what you think of the Night Watch series. I loved it…

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    1. You may be right πŸ˜€ It definitely didn’t help to write down my thoughts and to try keeping it ALL in my head. That took away some of the fun. Reading it the first time, I didn’t mind whether I missed a connection (I missed tons!). And I enjoyed it a whole lot more.

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  2. Ha! This is my second time rereading the Game of Thrones series. I attempted to do so a couple years back thinking by the time I’m done the next book would be published, but I lost interest and I guess so did GRRM because the next book has yet to be published.
    I’m now rereading the Clash of Kings on audio and am hooked. I hope is the same that the next book will be out by the time I’ve completed the published ones.
    As for Hobb’s books, I’m reading the Tawney Man trilogy now and am loving it. The narration reminds me of the Farseer trilogy. The Liveship Traders trilogy was good, but it was sometimes a slog to get through. I think it was overwrought in some sections, but I love how it makes this fantasy world more intricate.

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    1. It’s definitely more like Farseer πŸ™‚ I read them straight after and it just was like a 6-book series πŸ˜€ I read the Liveship Traders first. Would have liked to read it all chronologically and that’s what I definitely will be doing when I reread the whole thing


  3. How long are you planning on taking with your reread of A Game of Thrones, Sarah? πŸ˜›
    I’m interested in seeing how you will enjoy the Farseers trilogy this time around. I still need to start The Mad Ship from the Liveship Traders.

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  4. I still need to read Name of the Wind for the first time. I started it, but got annoyed at it and put it down… and have now forgotten who was who and what was happening, and so I need to start over from the beginning. Is that the same as a re-read?

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  5. I’ve often thought about re-reading Martin’s ASOIAF (I did a quick skip-reread before A Feast of Crows came out), but I’d like to do that once the series is complete. Problem is, with the long intervals between books – and there are two more before the end – I will be too addle-minded with age to truly appreciate them! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  6. There is a TP group i follow on FB that did a reread of guards guards. Ill be starting the discworld collection soon as we are through all our wedding stuff and know if i can come back to the Netherlands

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  7. Honestly, the coolest list of books to re-read, but what I find a bit more funny is that they are pretty much all books I simply NEED to READ ASAP already hahahah They’re all on my priority list too!! The only new ones to me are Medalon and A Cavern of Black Ice though. Never heard of those; Imma look into those. Thanks for sharing haha! πŸ˜€

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