I’m still here

Hello dear readers!

You might have noticed, that it has been very quiet here for the last 2 weeks or so. I still had posts coming up, but wasn’t as active in the blogging community. And I actually pre-wrote all the posts as I was on holiday for a week. So I didn’t read all of your lovely posts or left comments. I planned to catch up with that once I was back, but obviously it didn’t happen!

For once, my working schedule changed. Instead of working Friday til Tuesday, I now work Monday til Friday with an optional Sunday every second week or so. It’s much busier like that and I had to get used to it first. On Friday I was SO over work, but I think I’ll manage better next week. Now I know what to expect.

We also had to make some important decisions about our future and I didn’t have the mind to read or go online at all. I mentioned once or twice, that we are thinking about moving house, but we were not sure how to go about it. We went to get some advise and now we actually have a good plan! It will happen within the next 4-5 months and we will NOT sell our current house but rent it out. That was the big question and we changed our mind on it a couple of times over the last few months. It’s a big relief!!


I only finished one book over the last 2 weeks.. Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett! I started the Re-Read on my holiday but only finished it this morning. I forgot how much I loved the witches! I am actually very keen to continue my massive Discworld project, but will probably skip the next book. I never finished Pyramids and don’t feel like trying again. I go straight over to Guards! Guards! – I don’t remember a lot, only that I enjoyed it, so that’s good!

I updated my Discworld quotes-collection as well, if you want to have a look, go here.

Apart from that, I am still in the middle of 3 books – Oathbringer, The Crimson Campaign and Empire in Black and Gold. Not sure whether I will finish them this month. I am jumping from one book to the other at the moment and can’t really decide what to stick with. I just go with it, I guess… The plan for today is definitely Oathbringer, though.

I will definitely be more active again from now on. I still want to write a post about my holiday and show you pictures!

See you all around 🙂


  1. Heh, having something definite in an unsettled time always helps, doesn’t it? best of luck becoming landlords. Trust you get some really good renters and not some punters.

    Those 3 books you are in the middle of are all large ones. No wonder you jump from one to the other.

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    1. Thanks!! We wanted to avoid dealing with 2 properties, but our house is in such a convenient & popular spot, it wouldn’t be clever to sell. And I think we’d regret it!

      Yes, they are massive, I am already craving something short & easy. Next time I should pay attention to how long the books are so I don’t end up with 3 bricks

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  2. I really relate- I’ve been busier with work and my schedule’s been all over the place, so I’ve not been online as much either. I’m glad you’re on the right track with your plans for moving 😀 Oh Wyrd Sisters followed by Guards Guards- awesome! I look forward to seeing your pics from holiday!

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  3. Good luck with the moving/renting stuff! My cousin just did the same thing – she and her longterm boyfriend moved in together, and they’re both renting out their old houses to make a little extra money. Seems to be working well for them.

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  4. I hope all goes well with the house stuff! That’s a lot to deal with just by itself, not to mention all the vacation and work stuff too. I remember liking Wyrd Sisters and Guards! Guards!, but I don’t remember what I liked about either of them. I guess I need to re-read them to be sure. 😉

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