Top Ten Places on my Bucket List

Shame on me, I missed Top Ten Tuesday this week. But honestly, I was procrastinating, because I can’t stand Valentine’s Day or anything dealing with it. Stupid money-making. I can spoil Mr. DZ any day I want, I don’t need a special day for it….

Anyways, I thought I do something different and show you a couple of places in different countries, that are high on my bucket list and that I would LOVE to visit!

The Whitsunday Islands


In Queensland, Australia. It is the only Australian place I mention, but not the only one I still want to see. There’s tons of nice spots here and I will definitely do an extra post one day! I’ve always wanted to go to the Whitsunday Islands, as I fell in love with the beautiful white beaches! There are a lot of nice little islands you can go to, like Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach on the mainland.

A friend of mine is going to Hamilton Island in April and I am VERY jealous.

New Zealand


beautiful picture, taken by Tobias Keller

I did not realize, that NZ is THAT close to Australia 😀 It’s worth it just to fly over for a week but if I go, I want to do it right and spend 4-6 weeks there. I want to do a ‘Lord of the Rings’- Tour and visit as many shooting locations as I can! That would be a perfect Camper Van holiday as well. I am so hype to see the Hobbit village and all those beautiful mountains. Almost all of my friends who went there, fell in love with the country.


pic by walkjapan

I am so curious. Everyone who has been over there says that it’s a totally different world. I’d love to experience it. The food, the big cities, the quiet little villages, the history, the different islands… And yes, I’d probably bring too much manga/anime merchandise home and will surely check out some Wrestling promotions!

Koh Samui

koh samui
by The Four Seasons

I’ve always been interested in going to Thailand. Especially since it’s so close now. There are a lot of pretty little islands, but Koh Samui is the most beautiful and on top of my Thailand list! As much as I like adventure holidays & backpacking – I am also a big fan of pretty beaches and relaxing resort holidays, so it looks like heaven to me!

Bora Bora

bora bora

Who wouldn’t want to stay in one of those lovely bungalows? It’s been a dream of mine and I hope I can make it happen! Imagine the peace and quiet and being surrounded by the ocean.. I picture myself reading a book there, occasionally going swimming, trying some local food…. Yes please!


machu pichu

There’s lots of places in South America that sound interesting to me, but I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu! It looks surreal and I NEED to see it in person one day. That is why I chose Peru!

The South/West of the USA

grand canyon.jpg

I am not interested in the whole USA. For example, I don’t want to go to New York and I also don’t need to go to Los Angeles^^ What I am interested in is a Road Trip through the South and parts of the West. Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona etc… That’s what I want to see and experience! Might even include Mexico!


by WestJet

You kinda get everything in Canada and I heard people are so nice 😀 Mr. DZ went there and loved it! We need to go again together.


by visitnorway

One day, I want to see the Northern Lights! I still can’t believe they exist, it’s something else! And I also want to stay in a little cabin in the woods in Sweden and visit Finland and maybe even Iceland, where they filmed ‘Game of Thrones’. Lots of neat waterfalls there as well. And natural Hot Springs. I am a fan of those!


by Rough Guides

I have never been to Italy! And I’ve lived in Europe for 25 years! Definitely something I should have done earlier – for the food alone. But it’s never too late!

I don’t even know where I want to go. Everywhere? Sicily, Rome, Milan, Florence, Lake Garda (on the picture!). But most importantly, I want to drink all the wine & coffee and eat all the pizza & gelato!


Other pretty places I haven’t seen but want to: Croatia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Hawaii, Nepal, Maldives, Vietnam (I only stayed at the airport!)

So what’s on your bucket list? Or have you even been to some of the places I want to go to? Let me know & make me jealous! 😉


  1. Fantastic post! I love your list! Banff National Park in Canada (your picture of Moraine Lake is beautiful) is amazing! It is absolutely a must see. If you ever do visit the American West, you have to put southern Utah on the top of your states to visit. Some of the most scenic landscape in the whole US is in southern Utah. It’s gorgeous. Pretty close to the Grand Canyon in Arizona too. I’d also add the Northwest to your list if you have time. Some stunningly beautiful mountains in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Thanks for sharing this. Some places I wasn’t aware of on your list that are on mine now 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment & the recommendations! 🙂

      Southern Utah sounds definitely like it’s worth a visit – it’s been added to the list now. And I gotta check everything else again. Can’t see enough beautiful mountains!!

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      1. Maybe the best trip I ever took was a week in northern Arizona and southern Utah. I flew into Phoenix and my buddy living in Flagstaff at the picked me up. Only an hour to Flagstaff from Phoenix but we took the scenic route and went through Sedona. We hit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. We wanted to hike the Narrows but it was too early in the season. Angel’s Landing, though, was well worth it. We also hiked from the top of the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado river and back. The tallest mountain in Arizona is outside Flagstaff, but we were too exhausted and blistered from our Grand Canyon hike to tackle it. There is also a 1-mile long lava tunnel outside of Flagstaff.

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  2. Oh some of these places, especially the tropical places, are looking soooo good right now. Up here in the northern hemisphere, I’m getting a little sick of the winter. I have been to New Zealand, years ago, and it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth! I also spent a great deal of my childhood in Thailand, and they definitely have some nice beaches. And I used to live in Canada, before I immigrated to the US. I have cousins in Calgary and I remember making day trips to Jasper, Banff, seeing Lake Louise and oh you are making me feel homesick now!

    I would also like to really explore the American Southwest one day. There are some gorgeous national parks in those parts, and I’ve only been a few but there are so many more sights to see. Some day I’d also like to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming and also Yellowstone!

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    1. Oh, wow! You’ve definitely come around a lot 🙂 It’s always good if you have family living in other parts of the world! I wish my family was more spread out hahaha. But they all live in Germany – I am the first who moved overseas!

      I love National Parks! You always get a bit of everything – mountains, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, animals…


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I want to go to ALL of these! My husband and I did a road trip through the US southwest a few years ago (New Mexico and Arizona mainly), and it was gorgeous. Two years ago, we spent some time in the Canadian Rockies, and it was amazing. I definitely love travel, and want to go everywhere!

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  4. Ditto on everything here. I wanted to visit Peru this year or the Grand Canyon, but it looks like that won’t happen, unfortunately.
    I’d love to go Bora Bora too and New Zealand. Some great places you have listed here.

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    1. Thanks!

      I hope you get there another time! We are still young and have lots of time to travel haha

      We were planning to go to Europe this year but unfortunately that won’t happen now, as we can’t leave for longer than probably 2 weeks at a time and even that’s stretching it.. So we will just have a couple of smaller trips this year and do the ‘big’ trips another time.


  5. I’m so with you on Valentine’s day! Irl, I just ignore it generally speaking. This list is wonderful!! Whitsunday Islands look stunning!! And I’ve wanted to go to NZ forever- especially to do a LOTR tour!! I’m so keen to check out Japan one day as well- I’m absolutely fascinated by the country and culture. Oh man, yes to Thailand! And Bora Bora! Peru has always been one of the places in the world I’ve most wanted to visit (I used to just hear my Geography teacher mention Machu Picchu and the Inca trail and I was off! I could just daydream for a full hour about it 😉 ) Yeah I always thought I had no interest in the US either, but having seen a few films set there, I kinda wanna check out the landscape too! Ahh Scandinavia would be fabulous! And my best friend went to Iceland once and ever since she’s been wanting to go back- I’d definitely like to go! oh man you *must* go to Italy- it’s one of my favourite places on earth! It’s so beautiful and there’s so much culture 😀 Plus, whenever I’ve been I’ve eaten exclusively Italian food (and ridiculous amounts of ice cream) what more could you want? 😉 Croatia and Hawaii are high up on my list too! (but my list is exhaustive lol)

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    1. I am SO fascinated by the Inca as well! I remember watching so many documentaries with my mom when I was younger and it was always so cool! Would be amazing to witness it all in person!

      Haha, I try to eat only local food as well when I am on holiday 🙂 It just belongs to being on holiday. Bali was awesome for it, we had so much yummy street food and it was super cheap. And pretty interesting haha

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  6. I want to see Machu Piccu too! And drink all the wine in Italy and go to Japan and take a Lord of the Rings tour. 🙂 Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list too, but I’ve been thinking of seeing them from Alaska or Canada.

    I have been to Canada, and it can be as lovely as they say. Also, for the most part Canadians are nicer than Americans, though there are always exceptions on both sides of it. Vancouver, British Columbia is one of my favorite Canadian cities, though I haven’t been to a ton of them. It’s still a really great place.

    I live the the Western US, so I do think you should come visit here. 😉 Since you like nature, you might want to include the redwood forests of California on your list… our giant sequoias are lovely, and walking around surrounded by them can be surreal. Yosemite is also a lovely place to visit. (I know, it’s a stereotype, but it’s well-known for a reason.)

    Also: Hawaii. Yes. Go. It is lovely and amazing and make sure you island hop. For example, Kauai looks completely different from the big island of Hawaii. (Kauai was where they filmed large chunks of Jurassic Park.)

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    1. Going to Alaska would be such an adventure as well!

      I’ve heard so many great things about Vancouver 🙂 2 friends of mine lived there for a while and they said it’s so versatile – you get a bit of everything.

      Oh, how could I forget Yosemite! Thanks for reminding me! I’ve seen too many exciting documentaries about it, I definitely want to see for myself now 🙂 And California will be added as well haha


    1. Hahaha, good effort, hey? 😉

      I am always so jealous of my friends visiting Hobbiton and showing those lovely pictures in front of Bilbo’s house etc 🙂 You can even visit the pub there and buy mugs etc.

      I will need another suitcase to bring home all the merchandise I buy! 😀

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  7. New Zealand has been on my list for years! Let me live in a hobbit hole, please?!

    So many beautiful places here though… the only one I’ve been to is Italy and it’s consistently amazing! 😀

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