Review: Blood Rites. Dresden Files 6 by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden has had worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult bloodfilm. Like fleeing a burning building full of enraged demon-monkeys, for instance. Or going toe-to-leaf with a walking plant monster. Still, there’s something more troubling than usual about his newest case. The film’s producer believes he’s the target of a sinister curse—but it’s the women around him who are dying, in increasingly spectacular ways.

Harry’s doubly frustrated because he only got involved with this bizarre mystery as a favor to Thomas—his flirtatious, self-absorbed vampire acquaintance of dubious integrity. Thomas has a personal stake in the case Harry can’t quite figure out, until his investigation leads him straight to the vampire’s oversexed, bite-happy family. Now, Harry’s about to discover that Thomas’ family tree has been hiding a shocking secret: a revelation that will change Harry’s life forever.

I listened to this as an audio book over the last 2 months. Only when I was driving to work, that’s why it took me so long to finish.

I am normally not into audio books, but wanted to give it another try as I am spending a lot of time in the car and I get tired of listening to music. It’s a good way to get some reading done while on the road.

This particular book was narrated by James Marsters, whom some of you might remember as Spike from Buffy. He’s doing a great job if you ask me. I love his voice and listening to him.Nothing annoyed me, so that is a good thing.

The story itself was okay. Nothing special or new. It’s my 6th Dresden novel and while I still very much like Harry, some of his friends and the style of writing, I don’t think I will continue this series anytime soon. It was just …ok. I don’t actually have a lot to say about it.

Harry has another adventure and clashes with vampires and other powerful beings. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes goofy, sometimes sad and has lots of action. But it didn’t really get me invested that much. I was even annoyed at Harry sometimes. His brain just shuts down when he’s around beautiful women and EVERY woman in this book is hotter than hell.

True, there is some information that changes the game. But I don’t think I am interested enough to read more. At least not at the moment.

Also, Murphy is getting on my nerves. I can’t stand her. Never could.

3/5 Stars. I would have liked it more if it wasn’t so much like all the other Dresden’s. It’s well-written, witty and has some really cool characters and action scenes..


  1. It’s an interesting comment you put on the end there about it being like the other Dresden Files books. Personally I love them because they are all that same style. Each to their own though I suppose. Ace review!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Luke! I think I just need some more variety at the moment, I find that I can almost tell where the story is going by now, as the action is always so similar. That being said, I might still go back at some point, if I feel like a good old Dresden again 😀 As you said, sometimes it’s not a bad thing, if you know what you can expect.

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  2. I really should pick this series back up again, but it’s comments like this that make me unsure about it. I remember putting it down after 3 or 4 books because Harry annoyed me… and it doesn’t sound like he’ll stop annoying me in the later books. 😉

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  3. I already was annoyed by Harry for the same reason in book 1 – which was why I never continued the series and never will. I guess it is a Jim Butcher problem. I feel every male character (in all of his books) acts dumb around hot females. (Happened in Codex Alera and in The Cinder Spire) I hate it!!!

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    1. It’s so infuriating, when they go brain dead and start drooling as soon as a pretty woman only looks at them. I will be more cautious around Butcher books now. Especially since the Cinder Spires was so disappointing.


  4. I’m a big Dresden fan, and have read all the books… but I wish there wasn’t such a long wait for the next one! It’s been a couple of years. By the time the new one comes out, I’ll have forgotten everything that’s happened so far!

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