January 2018

Whoop, whoop, look at me! I read SO many books this month – I can’t remember the last time I finished 6!

What I read

Saga, Vol. 1 / Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples –> finished! My Review. I am so lucky I picked up this graphic novel series. I loved almost everything about it and can’t wait to start volume 3.

Saga, Vol. 2 / Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples –> finished! My Review. Just as good as the first, maybe even better!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Joanne K. Rowling –> finished! ReRead. Eh. I think my love for the Potter universe stopped here. This was my first Reread of book 6 and I remember liking it much more. Now I find lots of things that are wrong with it and that I don’t enjoy, starting with Harry becoming a more unlikeable character and all the horrible romance drama.

A Darker Shade of Magic / V. E. Schwab –> finished! My Review. No.

The City of Brass / S. A. Chakraborty –> finished! My Review. Left me torn but still kinda fascinated. Some things I didn’t like, especially the ending. But the world-building was great and it was an easy read. Might continue.

The Bear and the Nightingale / Katherine Arden –> finished! My Review. It was EVERYTHING I wanted, such a wonderful book! Great setting, storyline, characters.. I am so happy I decided to read it! No thanks at all to The Orang-Utan Librarian gushing over it hahaha

Empire in Black and Gold / Adrian Tchaikovsky –> 15% in. Well… I don’t love it, but I still enjoyed reading. It starts very slowly but promises an interesting story. I just didn’t feel like continuing, there were always different books on my radar and this month I just went with what I felt like. Will get back to it though eventually

Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson –> 101/1233. This will probably take me a looong time, but I’m cool with that. I didn’t want to race through it, but enjoy it as long as I can. I am only at the start but woah, lots of interesting things are happening and suddenly it’s all changed! Kaladin’s part has been my favourite again. Not sure how much I will enjoy the Dalinar flashbacks. So far I am bored (shame on me…).

The Girl in the Tower / Katherine Arden –>25% in. Aw. I HAD to start it immediately and like it so far. It is different, as Vasya ventures out into the world this time, but for me it’s a welcome change. We know her little village well enough and I can’t wait for her to explore Moscow!

That’s 5 first parts. What did I say about finishing and continuing more series? Eeeeh…

Anyways, I also read a 6th part, which was also a Reread, started a 3rd part, finished a second part and started a second part. From the series I started this month, I will definitely not continue one and am not sure about the second yet. So it’s not too bad.

My Highlight was The Bear and the Nightingale and the most disappointing Read was A Darker Shade of Magic.

What I want to read in February

I want to finish Oathbringer and continue with Saga. I also want to continue the Powder Mage Trilogy and maybe even finish it.

What I am watching

Apart from Wrestling, I am watching half-naked men try to kill each other with swords & spears. Spartacus! (I mean, I am drooling over Manu and don’t pay attention to the story. Is there anyone else apart from Crixus and Xena?)



Also, here you go – some desserts we made at work this last month:

  1. Strawberry Cheesecake in a glass
  2. Tim Tam Cheesecake
  3. Sago Pudding
  4. Pavlova


  1. Ooh, yum. Those desserts look scrumptious. Also, you made some great progress with your reading goals, too! Nicely done. (I have that problem with starting new series too, so I’m not one to comment on your progress on that front… πŸ˜‰ )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah I certainly had a lot more mixed feelings by book 6 of HP too- but I imagine a reread would still be fun. I’m so glad you’re loving Saga (I need to read it!) and I’m ridiculously excited that you loved Bear and the Nightingale so much. I definitely thought Girl in the tower had some cool changes- glad you’re enjoying it so far!! πŸ˜€ Oh gosh *WOW* those deserts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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