Favourite Female Wrestlers

Of all time!




May she rest in peace! Chyna was the first strong female wrestler I watched on TV. She had matches with men, she was the first female to enter the men’s rumble match and she could keep up with everyone! She was impressive and I miss her – especially now that there was the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. I feel like she was the first who made it possible and she should have been there.

Molly Holly


I felt like she was different during a time where female wrestlers had bra and panties matches and were more models than actual athletes. Molly Holly WAS a wrestler and her focus was not on looking pretty but on putting on good matches and convincing storylines. She even shaved her hair off as part of one!

Nikki Cross


I only started to like her more when she became part of a group called ‘Sanity’. She plays the part of a crazy person really well! I do love her brawling style and think she had amazing matches with Asuka in NXT. I wish they’d given her the title!



The best female wrestler on the main roster at the moment, if you ask me. She is so athletic and strong. I love watching Charlotte. She also improved so much on the microphone, although her heel persona is much more convincing than her as a face. Love her moonsaults!



She had such a cool look and it helped, that they put her together with the Hardy Boyz. Although she wasn’t the best wrestler, she was fun to watch. Even though I was always scared she’d break her neck. Very risky style, lots of high flying.

Nia Jax


I hated her, when she first debuted and thought she was only there because she is related to ‘The Rock’. Since then, she definitely convinced me. Still needs a lot of work, but she’s visibly improving a lot and has such a great & different look. I love what they do with her at the moment. Has tons of charisma as well and I am sure she will only get better.




Same here. I did not like her at all when she was still on NXT and even when she debuted on the main roster, she was boring. It needed a heel turn to make her an interesting character. I loved her together with James Ellsworth and hope she will cash in her contract soon^^ Annoying champ Carmella would be fun.

Trish Stratus


One if not the biggest female wrestlers of the 90s and 00s. I loved watching her and it’s so impressive, that she still looks amazing nowadays. She entered the rumble last Monday and looked great!!



The only female wrestler outside WWE that I like. I first noticed Rosemary on TNA when I was watching some Hardy compound shenanigans and immediately liked her looks! I’d love to watch more of her matches.

Sasha Banks


She is so talented, but does not work as a pure babyface. Her face promos are cringeworthy. As a heel or something in between, she does work for me though.



I love her look and when she cuts promos in Japanese πŸ˜€ She looks great in the ring and I think she can have a good match with almost everyone.



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