Wrestling Wednesday: My Favourite Active Wrestlers

Last time I gave you the worst gimmicks ever, but this time I want to show you my 10 favourite Wrestlers who are still active! I feel I need to throw in a more serious post about Wrestling some times πŸ˜€

It changes a whole lot, so I might have different favourites again in a couple of weeks! I also mostly watch WWE & NXT and a little NJPW, so there won’t be lots of Indie Stars. Here are my current favourites:

Johnny Gargano

Duing the last year, this guy turned into my favourite. He’s the perfect underdog and SO easy to cheer for! He constantly puts on awesome matches, no matter whom you put him with. Whether it’s big or small guys. His in ring-storytelling is amazing and he is super athletic. He can also cut a good babyface-promo, something half of the guys can’t do convincingly.

Johnny ‘Wrestling’ is now in the title match of the next big NXT event after he won a Fatal-4-Way.

Apart from that, he is part of one of the greatest storylines, after his tag team partner turned on him!


..Wrestling can be SO dramatic! πŸ˜€ Forget about your soap operas – just watch Wrestling!

Pete Dunne


Oh man, I LOVE to hate this guy! One of the best natural heels (‘bad guys’) in ages! And he’s only 24 years old! Pete Dunne is British and got my attention when he took part in a UK tournament by the WWE. He didn’t win, but for me, was the star of the whole thing. They must think so as well, as he’s one of the few who gets featured a lot and even won the UK Championship later on. Has great matches and a face you want to punch πŸ˜€

AJ Styles

Naw, AJ Styles is the best in the world. He could have a good match with a park bench. Constantly steals the show and is one of the smoothest wrestlers. I also love all of his moves. And his hair is great. Whenever AJ is on TV he has my full attention!

Jeff Hardy

Still doing it after so many years. He just had his first major injury last year and has been wrestling a super risky style since the 90s. Jeff is the best looking wrestler ever and I am so glad I was able to see him live once in my life!

Matt Hardy

hardy boyz
BROKEN Matt together with his brother Jeff

I love how he constantly re-invents his character. I have to admit, that I was never a big fan of watching him – I always thought Jeff was the star and Matt was in his shadow. But now I have to change my opinion. Matt just GETS the business and knows what everyone wants to see.

He invented this whole new character & universe for himself. He calls himself Broken Matt and speaks with a horrible English accent. He has a drone, which he calls ‘Vanguard 1’ and one of his most trusted advisors is his gardener, Senor Benjamin πŸ˜€

They filmed matches on his property and it was SO incredibly entertaining.

Brock Lesnar

Brock has been doing it all for a while now. And he’s legit, he is a real fighter who won the UFC title, so it’s always more serious, when he’s involved^^

He just has such a strong presence and looks like a freaking cyborg. I love watching Brock destroy cars, people, the ring, tables and just run wild! He is also incredibly athletic for his size and can put on great matches when he feels like it. I know lots of people are annoyed because he’s only a part-timer. But for me it’s always a highlight to watch Brock.

Also, he comes with Paul Heyman, who is awesome!

Braun Strowman

From the time he debuted a couple of years til now, he got SO MUCH better! He is in better shape, better in the ring, cuts better promos.. and I love how Braun is portrayed like a real monster. Almost like one of the goofy, over-the-top strong characters from the 80s, but without the funny outfit. Braun brings back childhood memories when he beats people up backstage, flips ambulances over or destroys the set.

He is fun to watch and I can’t get enough of him beating up Roman Reigns or throwing people in the trash. Or throwing chairs in Roman Reigns’ face!

Kenny Omega

I got into New Japan Pro Wrestling in the beginning of last year, after Kenny Omega had this awesome match with Kazuchika Okada that sent their popularity through the roof. And I totally understand – NJPW is awesome! It’s much more ‘real’ looking and probablyΒ  more dangerous than WWE style. They call it ‘Strong Style’ over there and their emphasis is more on the actual matches & fighting than promos and backstage drama. They have great storylines as well, but I feel it’s not the focus and not as cheesy.

Kenny Omega is SO charismatic! For me, he is the best in the world at the moment, together with AJ Styles. And you know what? I am going to see him LIVE IN FEBRUARY YAYYYYYY! SO excited!!!

Kota Ibushi



He’s nuts. Omega’s former tag team partner – they have a whole lot of history together and I am always happy when they do something together as they have amazing chemistry.

Just look at them here:


Ibushi also once wrestled a blow-up doll, he wrestled on a truck and likes to use fireworks on his opponents and on himself.. He’s a risky high-flyer and I hope he stays safe!

Shinsuke Nakamura


The King of Strong Style^^ I loved him in NXT and watched some of his NJPW stuff, which was amazing, but I don’t think he’s shown what he can do on the main roster yet. He has a great presence in the ring as well, his kicks are great and I love his submission holds! He also does have the best entrance & entrance music.



Also, just outside my Top 10:

Dean Ambrose – I think he’s the best promo and best ‘actor’ in the business. Would love to see him as a heel, but also love him together with Seth Rollins. Best chemistry!

Seth Rollins – Better heel than face, can have great matches with everyone, love his in-ring work and does a great phoenix splash! Should do it more often!

Rusev – SO overlooked, I am glad he is getting more recognition now!


So what are your favourite current Wrestlers? Did I miss anyone? πŸ˜€ Anyone you think I should check out?

Next week I give you my favourite female wrestlers of all time!


  1. Okay, let me just preface this with I know almost nothing about wrestling, but a friend of mine has been getting me into it lately because he got me to play a mobile WWE card collecting app (we’re a couple of geeks) and so I’ve been tuning in to a lot of videos and that’s how I know most of these wrestlers. Shinsuke is whacky and I love him for it! I also collect Roman Reigns in the game, and it drives my friend nuts, lol. Do you have any favorites from the Women’s Division, or is that for another post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you are slowly getting into it, yay! πŸ˜€ We are having a friend live with us since December and she is slowly getting more and more interested in Wrestling as well. (It’s on 3 nights a week, so she can’t get around it anyways hahaha)

      I talk about my favourite women next week πŸ™‚ But from the current main roster I do like Charlotte and Carmella. Even Nia is growing on me, she’s improving so much. And there’s a couple women from NXT I really like, especially Nikki Cross!

      Who are your faves?


  2. I miss wrestling so much! I used to be so into it when I was a kid and up through ‘The Rock Era’ hahaha. ❀ I actually have Jeff and Matt's autographs and close up pics of The Rock from when we saw them in Chicago! Good times. πŸ˜€ Love this post. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The one problem I have is Brock Lesnar and his inability to work a full time contract even though he’s the champ! I do agree with the others on you list though, especially with Braun and the cello! I think there’s a few others that deserve a good push just based on their in ring ability but will never actually get what they deserve!

    Liked by 1 person

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