Top Ten Tuesday: Books I liked but can’t remember much about

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Daughter of the Blood / Anne Bishop


And I could also name the following 2 novels. I remember some of the characters, cool magical animals and penis rings. Yup, for some reason penis rings were very popular in those novels. I think some witches used them to control certain male demons(?). There was one guy who had wings. And I think they all had weird eye colours(?). I really don’t remember much! Just some images. And the main characters name was Jaenelle.

The Gift & The Riddle / Alison Croggon


Which is a shame! I did like those books! I remember that it was about a girl who had magical abilities and was travelling with her mentor. In the second part she was abducted by some Ice King dude. I remember that I liked the slow burn romance between the girl and her mentor. I don’t remember what kind of magic she was able to perform! I’m sad I didn’t write a review back then.

Luck in the Shadows / Lynn Flewelling


Same goes for the second and third of the series.. I enjoyed them, I remember that the story wasn’t new, but I loved the main characters and their relationship. I always wanted to continue but now too much time has passed and I would have to reread. Maybe I will one day. This is also why I want to read more sequels this year! Catch up on them first and after that, get back to first parts or it will be too much.

Aurian & Harp of Winds / Maggie Furey


I remember a little bit more here, but not as much as I want to! For example, I can’t remember whether I read the 3rd part of the series πŸ˜€ I know there was this cool talking panther and the main character’s baby was transformed into a wolf and she had to break the curse. It was a fun Fantasy adventure! I won’t pick it up again though.

Sword in the Storm / David Gemmell


The main character was either having sex or fighting someone. That’s all I remember!

Prophecy: Child of Earth & Destiny: Child of the Sky / Elizabeth Haydon


I DO remember book 1, mostly. But after it, my memories are getting foggy.. I also only have some pictures in my head. And I remember I was getting more and more annoyed by the main character, because she was so incredibly beautiful and everyone wanted to have sex with her!

Firestarter / Stephen King


Totally gone. I read it 16-18 years ago and only remember the tiniest bits. I might reread it again and see how I like it now and whether it all comes back to me.

…And tons more, I don’t even remember the names of!



    1. Thanks! Funny that you mention it – it actually reminded me of the fact that I used to read a lot more ‘old’ Fantasy books in my teens. I think I should go back to that and mix up new releases with classic/older Fantasy!


  1. I read the whole Aurian series. I know I did, because I buddy-read them with both my boyfriend at the time and my mom. But do I remember them? Nope. I had even forgotten the baby-turned-wolf thing that you mentioned (but I remember it now that you reminded me). However, I remember that I liked each successive book less than the one before it in the series. (The result is that I’ve never been interested in re-reading them.)

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    1. Hey, that’s cool to hear! And good to know that it only gets worse and I didn’t miss out. I remember reading some horrible reviews about the last one. And that was also a reason why I was reluctant to pick it up and then never did, although I didn’t mind the first 2 books…


      1. I liked the early ones in the series as well, or I wouldn’t have finished it. But yeah… not missing out on the ending of the series. Just make up your own ending. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I probably need to go back to a lot of early King — Carrie and Cujo are burned into my brain, but I definitely don’t remember a whole lot about some of the others except for the basic concept.

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  3. …okay, add Daughter of the Blood to books I’ve read but don’t really remember, because I FORGOT THE PENIS RINGS HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? (to be fair, my one memory of those books is GUH WHY AM I READING THIS – but even so you’d think I’d remember PENIS RINGS). Yeesh.

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