Reading A Darker Shade of Magic: Chapter 5 – 8

I am halfway through and disappointed. Was expecting much more from this book.

Kell seems to step into every trap there is and is actually very slow of thought. How does he only figure out that he is tracked, after 2 folks came after him already?! I am not sure if Kell is supposed to be that stupid, or if it’s just bad writing. I am all for characters with flaws and Kell definitely needs some. But I can’t believe his actions are really this dumb.

Let’s talk about Lila only shortly, because she is pissing me off. What was it with magically making a copy of Kell appear that starts stripping?! While said Kell is a bloody mess on the floor in front of her? What was that? Was that supposed to be funny?

Lila is a horribly annoying character. Someone who is whinging about her life being awful and on the other hand not taking any help at all. You are a freaking thief, what about changing your lifestyle? And also, can you be a bit more grateful for Barron taking you in all the time? She is super nasty to him, I don’t even know why he bothers.

Look at this:

Barron’s kindness was like a curse, because she knew she had done nothing to deserve it. It wasn’t fair. Barron did not owe her anything. Yet she owed him so much. Too much. It drove her mad.

Wtf! Now he’s doing something wrong by being nice to someone? Jesus Christ, Lila, pull yourself together. It’s not fair whine whine whinge.

There’s also way too much repetition at the moment. In the story it makes sense for Kell to explain about magic & all the Londons again, but the reader already KNOWS! So maybe just keep it short and don’t give us all the information again?

Also, yes, we know that Kell smells like flowers and grass and happy happy times and Holland is a smelly turd.


I am not happy about the Lila & Kell team-up. They are a bit tiring together.. Kell is not annoying, only dumb, but I am okay with him on his own.

So now they want to destroy the black stone by bringingΒ  it to Black London, as it’s from there and it’s the only place where it can be destroyed. That’s what Kell says. Lila is carrying the stone at the moment, but it’s power is tempting Kell & talking to him.

I have exclusive pictures of Kell and Lila in male disguise on their quest:


Also, they kiss for the first time. Nothing surprising there.

I should stop reading here, but it’s kinda fun discussing and trash-talking it with my friends. And I am already halfway through. I have read worse and at least it’s quick to read. Just really predictable.


  1. It’s absolutely what I’m feeling reading it. I’m so tired of all the repetition. And Lila is so freaking annoying. I can’t keep myself motivated to continue at the moment. The characters are SO dumb and the plot isn’t going in a direction I’m interested in. I don’t see why the book is so hyped by nearly everyone. I don’t care about the ending at all.

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  2. a-ha, I think it was the repetition that made me yawn as well… but how interesting to see how this is taking a complete opposite turn than it did for me! Do keep reading, because even though we seem to be on opposing ends with the book, it’s super interesting to get another angle to the story! πŸ™‚

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  3. Wow. I was hoping for your sake that this book would improve, but it doesn’t sound like that’s very likely to happen… If you keep reading, I hope you continue to find enjoyment from trash-talking it! Or that the book gets better (though that seems less likely to happen).


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