Reading A Darker Shade of Magic: Start – Chapter 4

I’ve read a bit more than 25% of this book already. It really goes quick! For some reason it doesn’t take me long at all to get through this book. That’s a good thing for now. It’s not dragging.

Still, I am not really a fan so far.

I like the concepts of different Londons and the fact that a few people only are able to travel between them. There’s a whole story on how it came to be, that the doors between worlds are almost closed for good and we get to know it little by little.

We have Red London – a place of magic and vibrant colours. Grey London – a dull place, in which magic is almost not existent. Closest to our London I think (sorry, Brits!). White London – EVIL LIVES HERE mwahahaha. Magic is scarce and has to be forced and twisted. It lacks the vibrant colour of Red London and people are ‘fading’. I don’t know if that means they really cease to exist.. But everything is kinda white and washed away.

Also, the leaders there, twins, are pretty nasty. They like torturing and stuff.

There’s also Black London, but it’s not accessible and I think they are to blame for the fact that the doors are closed now.

The main character is Kell, a 21-year-old Antari, that means he can work magic. He can control the elements, as well as use his blood to make passage from one London to the other. Yes, he is one of those. A typical YA protagonist. Super powerful, silently suffering all the time and feeling sorry for himself. Although he’s doing pretty well for himself, as he was adopted by the royal couple of Red London. I hope we get to see other sides of him soon, but my first impression is not a good one.

Rhy, the prince of Red London and Kell’s ‘brother’ is the typical confident & flirty kind so far.

Lila, probably love interest in the future, is a thief who wants to be a pirate. That’s all I know about her so far, so I won’t judge yet.

There’s also another Antari, like Kell, who is called Holland and is kinda shifty. He’s working for the White London twins, but possibly he is controlled by one of them or plays them? We will see. I think he might become interesting!

Kell is missing all the memories from before he was 5 years old and my friend Ina, as well as I, think, that he is originally from Black London. Probably someone important.

So to sum it all up:

I like the setting and the writing, I don’t like the characters so far. They seem like standard YA tropes and I really hope that they can start becoming more interesting and different.

I enjoy to chat with my reading buddies so far! It’s nice to be able to discuss it, as there are some secrets & mysteries.

I do hope there’s not more secret Londons! Although, I’d like a rainbow London with happy unicorns, care bears and fluffy bunnies. Kell should go on vacation there! Like this: The people of Rainbow London welcoming Kell, the Antari 🙂



    1. I can’t wait to read your post! 😀 i held myself back a little because I wanted to give the characters some time to convince me..

      But after that first Lila&Kell scene I don’t have much hope 😦


  1. LOL @ Rainbow London… now, that’s Utopia! 😀
    It’s very interesting to read along with you now, after having finished the series- it’s like watching something different unfold… and also to remind myself what was going on…
    The book did pick up for me at the 30% mark as I mentioned earlier and I hope you get to the swing of things as well… I saw there’s another post in my feed coming up soon 🙂 I can’t wait to get to it for further updates!

    Liked by 1 person

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