My December

This is not your usual update – I will write an End of the Year Summary soon and don’t want to repeat myself, so here is just a little glimpse of what I was up to this month.

I only finished one book in December so far (The Way of Kings) – I hope I can finish 2 more books by the end of the year, there’s still some time left and I am very hype!


I brought Words of Radiance with me to the pool on Boxing Day. It’s very hard to read it comfortably! But I wanted to continue, so I shouldn’t complain πŸ˜€

Other uses for this book at the pool:

  • use it as a (very hard) pillow
  • hold it up as a cover from the sun
  • which makes it basically a work-out tool for your arms as well!

I also baked a lot and went out for coffee and cake really often.

So basically, I was really lazy!

I needed it though, now I feel refreshed again and 2018 can arrive!


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