Books I’m looking forward to in 2018

I did the same post last year, here and it’s interesting to look back and see how many of those I actually read. I listed 8 books and only 4 of them were actually published. I read 2, lost a bit of interest in 1 and have another one waiting to go. That’s not too bad.

So here is my new list of exciting books getting published next year:


Spinning Silver / Naomi Novik –> July 2018. I was so excited when I saw this last week! Sounds amazing and if it’s anything like ‘Uprooted’, I will love it! Hope it’s a stand-alone again.


The Plastic Magician / Charlie N. Holmberg –> May 2018. A sequel to the Paper Magician trilogy which I liked a lot. I wonder whether some of the known characters appear. I hope so!


Covenant. The War of the Gods 3 / Jennifer Fallon –> March 2018. This might be the end of the series and I am so excited, because the first 2 books were amazing and I loved the ending of book 2, although it was a big tease 😉

suns domain

The Sun’s Domain. The Hollow Gods 3 / Rebecca Levene –> March 2018. Hopefully. It was supposed to be published in 2017 but it was pushed back. Hope it comes out soon or I will have to reread the previous 2 books.


Skyward / Brandon Sanderson –> November 2018. I don’t really care what it is about, I’d read it anyways! It’s a Science-Fiction YA novel about a teenage girl who wants to fly her own spaceship. Not my cup of tea normally, but it’s Sanderson, so I will give it a try. And I think it is also supposed to take place in a flight school, so that’s cool!


The Outsider / Stephen King –> June 2018. Yay, a mystery crime by Stephen King! Sounds great, it’s climbing up my King list.


Kin. Helga Finnsdottir 1 / Snorri Kristjansson –> March 2018. It’s described as Viking crime and that’s something I would love to try 😀 I like books set in Scandinavia anyways.

bloody rose

Bloody Rose. The Band 2 / Nicholas Eames –> July 2018. If that’s the right date. I didn’t want to continue but I saw that this new book will be written from the perspective of a female bard – I like that!

Aaand who of those 3 will win the snail race?

The Winds of Winter / George R. R. Martin –> nope.

The Thorn of Emberlain / Scott Lynch –> September 2018. I can see a winner here!

The Doors of Stone / Pat Rothfuss –> haha, nope.


  1. Yeah, of those snail participants, I can see Lynch as the only one even possibly having a chance to cross that finish line. The other 2 have pretty much sat down and ordered pizza and beer for the foreseeable future…

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  2. Awww, I’m not sure if I will read Spinning Silver in English (like I did with Uprooted) or if I will wait until it is published in Germany. I guess I will read Uprooted again. But this time in German. I saw, that the Paper Magician Series is completely translated now. I really should continue the series soon.

    I’m always glad and sad, when I see a new Sanderson book will be published. I loose overview about the books he wrote in general and which books are translated (not mentioning all the short stories and novellas) or have the possibility to be published in Germany. It’s okay for me to read his middle grade books in English, but my language skills are worse and will NEVER EVER be good enough for his adult books. I’m old, I don’t think my language skills will improve someday.

    It is the same with the Levene books. I’m really interested and I will read them, if they get published in German someday. Don’t think they will, but never loose hope.

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  3. I had no idea Spinning Silver was a thing until I saw it on your list! Count me in, because I loved Uprooted. I’m also kind of intrigued by The Plastic Magician because I quite enjoyed the first three books. I’m also slightly worried that the September 2018 release date for Thorn of Emberlain has been removed from Goodreads? Sigh. Waiting for eternity

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  4. LOL about the snail race! But is the winner the one who finishes first, or the one who’s the most like a snail, and is done last? 😉

    I have Uprooted and The Paper Magician on my TBR list. I guess I’m a bit behind!

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