My December so far

…has been busy! I thought taking some days off would help me settle down and spend some more time reading & blogging. But today is the first day where I can relax and have some me-time.

For once, December is the busiest time at work, with Christmas functions, extra dinners etc. and I have been working longer hours. I also have some things to prep during my days off and took on some orders for German Christmas cookies. I will spend a lot of time baking.

Here’s some of the Cinnamon Stars I made at work this week.

And apart from that, one of my friends from Germany is staying with us since last week and we had to get lots of things set up (her bank account, new phone number, insurances etc.) We did lots of catching up, which was great! Now she started working and will be much busier as well, so everything will go back to normal.

I haven’t actually had lots of time to read and even less time to blog. I am still reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson but only have less than 100 pages to go. I just read my favourite scenes and got goosebumps again! Such a great series, if you haven’t picked it up yet, do it now! 😀

Here’s what else I was up to the last days:

My friend and I went to the city for a day. We had lovely breakfast in a French cafe, had a look at the Queen Victoria Markets and went to Federation Square & had a walk along the Yarra River. Christmas definitely arrived in Melbourne!

…I also bought a dragon fruit at the Vic markets (for the first time ever and for way too much money!) and have to say, I am a bit disappointed! For looking so awesome, I was expecting it to taste less bland. It’s like a Kiwi but less sour..


Maybe I just had a bad one?

But we also went to a new local cafe for Breakfast, which was awesome! I had a Granola bowl with fruit & nuts and it was super delicious! And of course, we had to drive to my favourite cheese place in the Yarra Valley!

Yes, I ate a lot 😉

And made some cute coffee at my other work


Have a great Christmas time, everyone! 🙂


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