Books that tricked me!

I think everyone of us has picked up a book that totally didn’t turn out as expected. Sometimes the blurb is misleading. Sometimes the cover. Sometimes you just hear the title and think you have a good idea! But then your hopes are crushed and it’s something completely different!

Sometimes it doesn’t mater and it’s still a good read. But other times it’s super disappointing!

I show you some books I read that were totally different from what I expected

Die Katze unterm Christbaum / Julie Beard and others

katzeThis one I read or TRIED to read in German, if you translate it, it’s called ‘The Cat under The Christmas Tree’ and it was sold as a short story collection featuring cats. It even had a cat on the cover.

So what do I expect? Cute & fluffy cat stories!

What do I get? Freaking time travel and a cheesy highlander romance! Sexy times inclusive.

Yes, that is what’s in there! Those cheeky publishers.. It starts with a cat, I have to say that at least! But then the cat is missing and its owner somehow winds up in the 16th century where a muscly highlander (you probably only see his torso for the whole story) thinks she is supposed to become his wife. And well, you can expect what follows. I didn’t even finish, highlander romances scare me!

Watership Down / Richard Adams


This is cheating a bit, because I never read the book. But watched the movie when I was 5/6. I saw a commercial about a cartoon bunny movie and I was a huge bunny fan (still am)! I just got my own little rabbit and was excited to see it…My parents didn’t know the story and thought, ‘Cool, why not?’

What I was expecting? A cute, fluffy, happy bunny movie ❤

What I got? A trauma.

This movie freaked me out so bad. So much death and violence and sad scenes and blood and I got nightmares from the black rabbit of death! I have to say though, I sat through it and my parents didn’t switch it off… I can’t watch this movie, even now.

Kushiel’s Dart / Jacqueline Carey


This is a case where I was happy that I didn’t get what I was expecting. I read this as a buddy read with a couple of friends and my expectations were not very high.

What I expected: Lots of sex, S/M, Bondage, relationship drama etc. A bookish orgy.

What I got: A beautifully written story with intriguing characters where sex is not used for its own sake but to enhance the plot. Has a great love story too.

The Girl with All the Gifts / M. R. Carey


What I expected when I first heard about this book: A story about a super intelligent young girl who is used by scientists in a laboratory.

What I got: Zombies, kinda. So I was happy!

The Last Days of California / Mary Miller


What I expected: The Apocalypse!

What I got: A coming-of-age story

It’s a depressing Roadtrip. I should have read more of the blurb.. The main girl’s parents think the world is about to end, but it actually isn’t. Meh.


  1. Yeah it’s funny how that goes. Watership down I’ve heard is pretty rough for a bunny story lol, and I’ve ben wanting to read some Jacqueline Carey (she’s a local author) but just haven’t got around to it as of yet.

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  2. Hahahahaa. I laugh at your Watership Down misery. I think I read it in highschool but my teacher had let me know it wasn’t cute bunnies having snugglywuggly times, probably in an effort to get me to read it. Can’t really remember what I thought of it. Never read it again though 🙂

    And I really did laugh at the highlander cat book.

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    1. I would have liked to have that warning! Might even have picked up the book at some point but now I don’t want to anymore 😀

      I was so upset about the Highlander story, I didn’t even want to give the other stories a chance. 😀

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  3. haha I totally relate here!! I’ve definitely had books that I thought were about one thing then turned out to be totally different- sometimes it’s a good thing, but sometimes not. hahahaha that’s so hilarious about the cat story ending up being about sexy highlanders!! 😉 I’ve definitely picked up books that ended up being in that vein by accident too 😉 I’m glad you liked Girl With All the Gifts though, cos I just got it out the library (I did know it was about zombies though 😉 )

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  4. Oh yes… Kushiel was a great read. I could convince a friend to read it, too. And she likes it. She started with the third book a few days ago.

    The girl with all the gifts… I only saw the movie, but I didn’t expected the end to be THAT way. Wooow…

    Creepy the Highlander book ugh. Never read Watership Down. Someone told me it is brutal und sad and so I never wanted to know more…

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      1. I’m still not sure about the movie. It was touching in the end, but if you know the plottwist – I don’t know if the movie can impress you.

        I’m reading a depressing book at the moment. And don’t like it for many reasons. I will write a review soon.

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  5. I had the same expectations for Girl with All the Gifts — and was perfectly okay with it being a zombie book, but boy was I surprised! I had the same impression of the Kushiel books (and never gave them a try) — maybe I finally should read one!

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  6. Watership Down gave me trauma too and I still won’t watch it! Kids should never need to watch that. And in all the cartoon films, why is there always a parent dying? ie Bambi, Dumbo, Barnyard, Lion King??? WHY??? I liked the girl with all the gifts but the film disappointed me. I just found it a bit dull.

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  7. I’ve only seen part of Watership Down, and was traumatized too. I do want to read the book so I know if the source story was equally traumatizing, though. I’ll let you know how that goes… :-/

    I’ve considered the Kushiel books, but also expected gratuitous S&M. Between that and the length of the books, I’ve been put off by them. Maybe I should give them a chance after all.

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  8. Watership Down looks like a cute kids or family movie?? Yikes that sounds so traumatising! I’ve had a similar experience with a movie about pigeons during WW2 (I think?). I don’t remember it that well, but I thought it would be a kids movie!
    Die Katze unterm Christbaum sounds so weird. I definitely would have had the same expectations as you. A highlander romance?? Nope that’s just false advertising! Using cats to lure readers in

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