End of the Year Challenge: Update #4

First of all, I’ve made some changes. I kicked some books off the list because I don’t want to read them anymore. Maybe at some point. 2 of them were Re-Reads I planned to finish (Memories of Ice, Wit’ch Gate) but I don’t feel like them at all anymore, so off they go! Then, I am really NOT digging Rogues. There’s no way I’m gonna force myself through 700 pages of short stories I don’t like if there’s other books waiting. So this is on hold as well and I might only pick it up again to read the stories by my favourite authors.

Aaand now I feel much better!

I didn’t read a lot over the last days. I haven’t even finished a book yet this month. But I am looking forward to reading again so it was luckily just a little slump.

blacksunrisingI did get through a lot of Black Sun Rising but I have mixed feelings. I am just now starting to care a bit more about 2 of the 4 main characters. They are having a good story going there – in the start they hated each other and didn’t trust one another at all. It’s still mostly like that but now they have to work together and they do have a kind of connection.. I see starts of a bromance and that makes me happy. I don’t really care at all about the other 2, they mostly stay pretty boring.

Swan Song… I am only making little progress here and even consider not finishing. It’s weird with this book.. I do like lots of the characters and the setting is great. But for some reason I am not getting pulled in and it’s frustrating. I give it a couple more pages and then see.

I know Oathbringer is coming out next week.. but now I feel like re-reading the first 2 books before! I’ve changed my mind on that a couple of times already over the last months.. I am torn!


TBR: 1

  • The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

Started: 4

  • Desperation by Stephen King 102/706
  • Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman 400/586
  • Re-Read: A Cavern of Black Ice by J.V. Jones 160/804
  • E-Book: Swan Song by Robert McCammon (25/100%)


  1. Thought about Re-Reading Stormlight Archives 1+2 as well. I guess I will have to wait a loooong time until Part 3 is translated and published in Germany, so I have enough time to just read them again. But yeah, I don’t know. It is a huge commitment, but I really like the books. So here – we will see!

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