Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Movies

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Here’s a list of different movies I like to watch during Halloween Season!

Zombieland / The Ring / Sleepy Hollow / Shaun of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead / Halloween / From Dusk Till Dawn / 28 Days Later

I did a similar topic before, about scary movies. Check it out here.


  1. I actually enjoyed Sleepy Hollow. I wasn’t expecting to and so it was rather nice.
    Now, I had the exact opposite reaction to Shaun of the dead. I went in expecting to laugh my pants off and instead it was nothing but crudities and stale/flat jokes. Couldn’t have been more different.

    I can’t tell from the cover, but is that Dawn of the Dead the original or the 2004 reboot?

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    1. I only watched the 2004 version. At least that is what I think! I watched so many Horror & Zombie movies during my teenage years, they are all a big mash in my head!! 😀

      It seems like people either love or hate ‘Shaun of the Dead’.
      I love watching Simon Pegg. Have you ever watched ‘Hot Fuzz’? It’s one of my all-time favourite funny movies!

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      1. I have not watched hot fuzz. I disliked Shaun so much that any movie where he’s the main character I have no desire to watch now. I’ve seen him in supporting roles and really enjoyed him, so I know it’s not him. But how he’s cast in main roles really doesn’t work for me.

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      2. Ah fair enough! Then ‘Hot Fuzz’ would probably be not for you 😀

        ..Thiking about comedies, I should do a post on movies I thought were funny because it is really, really random! I love Monty Python flicks but can’t get my head around most rom coms or comedies set in college or where it’s about getting laid^^ I also can’t stand Ben Stiller. He must be my Simon Pegg 😀 Whenever he’s the main role, I can’t watch him. I did like him as the bad guy in Dodgeball though…

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    1. Thanks for that, I will probably leave ‘Rings’ alone and rather watch some other Horror movies 🙂 Was it supposed to be a sequel or a remake? I don’t even know 😀 I watched Ring 2 and didn’t mind it, although not as good as the first. But I remember they left room for another movie in the end…


    1. Zombieland is one of those movies I could watch anytime 😀 And one of the few where I own the DVD. I have maybe 20-25 DVD’s in total lol
      Everything that has Cillian Murphy gets a chance, he’s precious!! 😀


      1. It is an excellent movie! I bought it on DVD for my husband a couple years ago because he kept finding it on TV and watching it.

        I really had no idea who he was until Inception and now he’s my little Gaelic prince. 😀

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  2. I haven’t seen this version of Sleepy Hollow — I’ve only ever seen the Disney animated version of the story — but I kinda want to. I love the source material, but I’m afraid that they’ll mess it up to “make a better movie”. (Yes, this is one main reason why I don’t watch all the movies that sound interesting…)

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  3. I’m loving all the Halloween movie lists because 1) It’s a great way to find new recs and 2) It’s one of my favorite parts of Halloween. I kinda did this for my post, but I took some of my favorite Halloween movies and matched them to their bookish themed counterpart. Feel free to check it out:

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