End of the Year Challenge: Update #3

Let’s start this post by showing you what I was up to at work this week

Okay, I didn’t make the Chocolate SoufflΓ©! That was the chef! But it was so pretty, I had to take a picture! I did make the Iced Coffee & Chocolate though. Our cafe at this village is only a couple of months old and I am still experimenting with our products! It’s a nice change to my other job at a much busier franchise cafe.

Now back to reading πŸ™‚

Do you know this feeling, when you just can’t concentrate on one single book for a longer period of time? Even though it’s a good one? Well, I definitely have it this week. After I stuck with Harry Potter the week before, I feel like reading everything else at once this week!

I even picked up Rogues again! Unfortunately the short story was a real bore and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. It’s called Provenance by David W. Ball and tells the story of a precious painting making its way to the owner of an art gallery who is about to sell it on to a rich dude. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than reading about how this painting went from one Nazi to the other before, during & after the Second World War. I gave up halfway through.

Swan Song is getting more interesting, now that the main characters are on the move. We are dealing with 3 different groups at the moment – one is a group of survivors making their way out of New York, another consisting of an old army general, a nerdy kid and another soldier who’s slowly going insane. They are stuck in a safe house that wasn’t so safe after all, as it collapsed and killed almost everyone it it. Now they are trying to find some supplies and get out of there. The girl Swan is still hanging out in the cellar of a collapsed house, together with the wrestler. I hope this is moving on soon, there’s not so much happening here at the moment, apart from Swan’s mom dying :-/

I also read more of Desperation. WTF, this cop is freaking me out so badly! And it’s King being King again! You never know which characters are gonna make it or just get killed after they are elaborately introduced some pages earlier! I want to know what’s going on with this creepy town and this creepy cop abducting and/or killing random people!

And because ‘why not?’ I felt like starting Black Sun Rising as well. I read a sample a while ago and then decided to purchase the book. It’s such a cool setting! It’s a SciFi/Fantasy, that takes place on a planet called Erna, where humans went from Earth. I don’t know whether they just went there because they could or if something bad happened, but the fact that they are still trying to figure out human technology, suggests the latter. There’sΒ  fae on this planet and people can work magic through them. There’s also ‘unhorses’ and ‘uncats’ πŸ˜€ I like it! It’s also pretty dark so far.


TBR Books: 1

  • The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

Started: 4

  • Desperation by Stephen King 102/706
  • Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman 42/586
  • Re-Read: Rogues by GRRM and Gardner Dozois 234/909
  • Re-Read: A Cavern of Black Ice by J.V. Jones 160/804

TBR Ebooks: 1

  • Re-Read: Wit’ch Gate by James Clemens

Started: 2

  • Swan Song by Robert McCammon (22/100%)
  • Re-Read: Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson (50/100%)


      1. I was considering buying a crockpot last winter, until I found one in the depths of the kitchen cupboards when we renovated! Mr. DZ had it all along but hasn’t used it in ages.

        I don’t like black coffee haha, I need my milk! Affogatos are nice as well in summer. It’s one shot of coffee over a scoop of ice cream. Yum!

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    1. Oh no, I hope you are having more time to read & relax soon!

      I am lucky I found a good balance. I am working 5 days a week but can completely switch off on my 2 days off and even after work on some days. I try to get all of my housework, cooking, appointments etc done on the days I have shorter shifts so my days off are free to do what I want haha


  1. Wow that souffle looks delicious! Interestingly enough, I really can’t decide whether to read Rogues and have been on the fence about it ever since a librarian thrust it into my hands recently- it just seems a little long for a short story collection (especially given I don’t tend to read that many short stories) Are the stories good in general- or are they all a bit like Provenance?

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      1. Ahh that makes a lot of sense- I find that a lot of writers do that for these sorts of collections. I feel like I might struggle with a lot of these, cos I’ve not read the author’s main work. The person that recommended it to me thought it might be a good way to get into the writers I want to read… but I feel like that might be counter-intuitive in this case. Thanks for the heads up.

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  2. Since I stopped blogging at all, I don’t have a clue which books are on my TBR list. So far I only read 10 books this YEAR -.-
    Can you ever imagine this? 10 books? Worst year since my teenager times. But I’m traveling so much, learning so many new things, finding so many new people and stories they have to tell, my brain is full and I can’t concentrate on reading. At least I should read the six books, I started / or bought this year. An “end of the year”-Challange would be great, but it isn’t that much fun, without a blog and yeah, you know – Christmas Markets are coming, so I won’t have the time at all. (And NaNoWriMo in November).

    Books to go: Shadows of Self, 3rd Tearling, Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake
    Books I bought and didn_t started yet: Sleepless in Manhattan (romance stuff), Darker shade of magic, Schattenparty (E-Book)

    Btw. I started Rouges in hospital at the beginning of the year, but didn’t like most of the stories and never continued the book

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    1. It’s been a busy, busy year for you that will end on a positive note I hope! I really hope the Christmas market season will be lots of fun and not too busy!

      Hey, if you want to read darker shade of magic next year we can read together!! I didn’t plan to read it but if you do I give it a try πŸ™‚ and buddy reads are fun! If it sucks we can rant together. Like with daughter of smoke & bone πŸ˜€

      Shadows of self is awesome!! You have lots to look forward to!


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