Favourite Board Games: Part 2

Here you can see the first part.

Labyrinth (Das verrueckte Labyrinth)

An absolute childhood favourite! I tried to hunt it down and actually found it 2 years ago. Mr. DZ likes it and we still play it together 😀 It’s pretty simple, you each get cards showing different objects within the labyrinth and have to reach them. First one to reach all of his objects, wins. You can move some pieces on the board to open up ways but only one move a round!

Spitz pass auf!

I couldn’t find an English version of this, anyone remember this game? I don’t remember how exactly the dice were used but basically, you had to avoid getting caught by the red cup. One player was in charge of the cup and he or someone else rolled the dice. If it ended up being a 1 or 6, the player with the cup tried to catch all of the game pieces under it. So you had to be quick pulling yours away.

Kinder electric

My memories here are a little foggy but what I do recall is, that it seemed like magic at that time haha. You had to connect different images with those electric pens(?) and got a green light(?) when it was the right combination. There were several different game cards & topics for lots of variation.

Phase 10

Explains itself. This game. THIS GAME! We play it with the family. It’s always a lot of fun and often turns family members against each other 😀

Trivial Pursuit

Any version of it or other similar games. I am never getting tired of question/answer-games that test your general knowledge or knowledge in a certain field.

The Game of Life

Again a game my brother and I loved to play together. And this one didn’t end up in fighting so much, wow! It was simple but there were so many different ways you could choose – we liked that!

Connect 4 (Vier gewinnt)


One of the games you can always play, no matter how old you are. I still like it today. It doesn’t have to be super complicated to be fun.

Remember any of those games? I have one more last post coming up the next days – if I don’t come up with some more games that is 😀


  1. Oh my! Labyrinth was one of my favorite games growing up we only really played it when we went camping (because it always seemed to rain). It helped that I was pretty good at it even at a young age.

    Right now my favorite board games have to be The Settlers of Catan and The Farming Game.

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