Sunday Reading #3

Hello faithful readers!

I have to apologize for not being as active at the moment. Work picked up a lot over the last couple of weeks and I was often really exhausted when I came home. I am also a bit under the weather – we had 31 degrees yesterday and about 19 today. That’s Melbourne for you. Temperature changes like that always give me headaches.. Today is my day off and I spent the morning spring cleaning, while Mr. DZ is renovating our office.

I got some time to sit down now and will give you an update on what I am reading:

beyond redemptionI am about 150 pages in and this book is something else. It’s weird, bloody, gory, disgusting and very, very dark & brutal. I can’t quite make up my mind whether I like it yet, but it is definitely interesting, so that’s not a bad thing. It does have my attention.

The characters are something else as well, as they are all severely fucked up and insane. All different kinds of crazy here. A lady who can set people on fire with a blink of an eye who is paranoid and convinced everyone is on a quest to kill her. A dude who keeps talking to different aspects of himself, who are plotting to kill him. Yes, that’s messed up, but I haven’t read anything like that before, so I am intrigued.

What I can’t get used to yet, are the German names. The author uses lots of German names and phrases for people, cults, cities etc. And as a German it is so weird to see random German names thrown around like that 😀 I mean, they have one thing in common, they are all very negative, so at least there’s a pattern. I give you some example: One character is called ‘Gehirn Schlechtes’ and a city is ‘Selbsthass’.

On my Kindle I am reading Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon and like how it’s written. swanIt starts off with introducing us to the characters and one of them is a Wrestler! How cool is that?! I know he is going to be a main protagonist, so that makes me happy! I do get a little bit of ‘The Stand’ and ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ -vibes, and that is a good thing as I enjoyed both books. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up for the disaster, which is great as well. ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ spent way too much time on the introduction if you ask me.

There’s no ‘hammer’ falling from the sky this time, or a deadly virus, but a vicious war between the US and Russia which starts the 3rd World War, so expect a lot of fire, death and destruction. It’s scary, how quickly the world is destroyed. I am only 11% in, but it already picked up a lot of speed and I can’t wait to get back.

The book does have a supernatural feel as well, as there’s one character introduced who is similar to Randall Flagg and there’s a little girl, who is kinda special. I wonder whether Justin Cronin got inspiration for his Amy character there? I don’t know a lot about the little girl called Swan yet, but I see parallels.

I am pretty happy with both books so far and might find some time later to read a little more.

I also reached my goal of 30 books read this year, and it’s only September! Yay, Hooray! I am at 32 at the moment. I know lots of people read that number in a month or two, but for me it’s great! I only managed about 27 books last year.

Gimme a title!


I hope you all have a great Sunday!



  1. Haha, I’m fascinated by your reaction to Beyond Redemption. Yep, it’s weird, bloody, and disgusting, and it just gets more extreme so strap yourself in! Your comments about the German are also great, because I always wondered what a native German speaker would think of this book. The author apologized in his foreword about butchering the language, but of course, as someone who doesn’t know German, I wouldn’t have known the difference.

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    1. Haha, I was confused by the apology in the beginning but quickly realized what he meant 😀 I will forgive him though^^ He could have done worse and it is kinda funny as well.

      It’s getting MORE extreme?! Oh, oh, I better get back to it then!

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