Top Ten Tuesday: Books I liked as a Teenie

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Some books I read & loved as a teenie:

Black Jewels Trilogy / Anne Bishop –> I probably would not like it anymore nowadays. But when I was younger, I was attracted by how sexy & dark it was. I don’t really remember any explicit scenes though. Anne Bishop has written a lot more since this trilogy and I’d like to try her new stuff one day.

The Mists of Avalon / Marion Zimmer Bradley–> I often hear it was boring but I really enjoyed reading the book and thought it was well written. I loved Morgaine’s perspective. I tried other works by the author but didn’t like it, so this remains the only book I read.

The Banned and the Banished / James Clemens –> I think I started this when I was around 13 and absolutely loved the books. I started a Re-Read this year and while I still think the books are quite good & entertaining, I can see many flaws.. And some of those romantic relationships are just not right.

A Song of Ice and Fire / George R. R. Martin –> I got the first book for Christmas from my parents when I was 15/16 and read them in German first. Read them all again in English since then and will probably start all over soon.

Demon Child Trilogy / Jennifer Fallon –> My first Jennifer Fallon novels I read as a teenager and in German as well. Re-read this one in English later and moved to all of her other books as well. So good!!

Liveship Traders / Robin Hobb –> My first Hobb trilogy. Made me fall in love with her writing. I got really nice German versions of the books that I sold for a lot of money before I moved overseas.

Die Uralte Metropole / Christoph Marzi (German) –> A German Fantasy trilogy about a little girl I enjoyed. Nowadays I don’t like the author’s writing very much. Tried to read his newest novel that my mom sent me, but I never got far. Too much repetition of words and phrases, it really annoyed me.

Hary Potter / Joanne K. Rowling –> I started reading the books when I was in 6th grade, that was when they just became very popular I think. I didn’t want to at first, because everyone was reading them and I was a stubborn kid who tried to be rebellious for no reason 😀 My mom just got the first 2 books for me though and I quickly became a fan.

Sarahs Traum / Brigitte Blobel (German) –> A series about a young dancer. Re-read it several times. It was really dark at some points and very well written.

Dark Horse Series / Mary H. Herbert –> Next to Harry Potter, this was the series that got me interested in Fantasy novels. The second part of this series was one of the few Fantasy novels our local book store had in stock. And in those days, I didn’t have access to the internet to order & look at books so I didn’t have a clue what was out there and picked up what I could.


    1. Haha, I bet this was fun 😀 My mom mostly reads thrillers. Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritsen etc. I wasn’t interested in those. And my dad is really into historical novels, westerns and sometimes Fantasy 😀

      But my nanna was eating those erotic highlander novels haha


  1. I had the Mists of Avalon on my shelf for years and never read it, for some reason. One of those books that I got at a used bookstore and just never tackled. I’ve heard good things. And I really like Robin Hobb’s writing although the Liveship Traders didn’t work for me as well as the Fitz books did. Her worlds are so awesome though.

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  2. I just missed the Harry Potter craze. For some reason I never heard of A Song of Ice and Fire until much later. For me, it was The Wheel of Time, the Dragonlance books, the Drizzt books, the Belgariad, the Feist books…basically the most expected fantasy possible. But, hey, the mall bookstore was very, very small.

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    1. I tried almost all of them as well! But unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of most of the really popular Fantasy series, like the Belgariad, the Feist books or the Wheel of Time. I want to go back to the Drizzt books at some point


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