#TheReadingQuest: Week 4 (The End)

Today marks the end of #TheReadingQuest and I have to admit that I didn’t succeed in finishing my path. Half of a book is left and as I have to go to work soon, I won’t be able to finish it today.

I am still pretty happy about the last weeks as the Quest motivated me to read more and was lots of fun. I liked looking at other contestants pictures on Instagram and found a couple new people to follow. I found people who read the same books and have the same interests and even stumbled over a few great new blogs.

So participating was definitely worth it and I’d do it again!

gobletI finished the 4th Harry Potter book and enjoyed reading it! There were so many things I didn’t remember and it made me aware of how bad the movie was.. I wish someone would start making a Harry Potter TV show πŸ˜€ That sticks to the books and is done by HBO. That would be perfection.

Anyways, so I have only the 5th book to look forward to. Not sure if I continue my Re-Read after that, because I am not too keen on the last 2 books.

I also am halfway through Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan and LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! Seriously, why did I not read it earlier?! I am so happy I gave the trilogy a chance because so far it’s everything I wanted! Well written, great characters you can’t help but care for, magic, gods, mysteries, betrayal, lots of fighting…. You can’t catch a break!

Here is my last summary:

Path: Mage (Lvl 2)

A Book with a one word title (Coraline – read 1st week)

A book that contains magic (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – read 4th week) (+ 35 HP)

A book based on mythology (Norse Mythology – read 1st week)

A book set in a different world (Sword of Destiny – read 3rd week)

The first book of a series (Promise of Blood – currently reading) (+ 17 HP)


Mini game (Nimona – read 2nd week)

Instagram posts: 1 (+1 HP)


EXP: 55 (30 + 5 + 10 +10)

HP: 201 (64 + 50 + 34 + 53)



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