Top Ten Tuesday: Books I struggled with

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I finally do the topic that is suggested!

Here are some books I had a hard time getting into but ended up liking, more or less.

Red Seas under Red Skies / Scott Lynch –> I did not like the start of it at all. The state of the relationship between Locke and Jean wasn’t the best and I wasn’t a fan of the change of location or the dilemma the characters found themselves in. I had a break from it and picked it up again a couple of weeks later. And loved it, it ended up being my favourite of the series!

The Stand / Stephen King –> I always liked it, but it was SO big and especially in the first half, it’s pretty slow sometimes. I read it over a couple of weeks but was way quicker with the second half. Ended up being one of my favourite Kings.

The Drawing of the Three / Stephen King –> Almost made me not continue with the Dark Tower Series. I couldn’t stand the different dimensions and wasn’t a fan of Eddy in the beginning. I also took a break and probably picked it up again about a year later. Fell in love with Jake again and especially his part drew me in. The series belongs to my all-time favourites as well now and I almost dnf it after only 1 1/2 books.

House of Chains / Steven Erikson –> The Karsa situation. Th first quarter(?) deals with only one character I just couldn’t stand at that point. It drove me crazy and it took mea long time to get through it. After that everything went back to normal and we jump from one character to the other, but Karsa almost broke me down! He grew on me later on though.

The Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins –> I started it as an audio book and hated the narrator’s voice. So I didn’t get very far. Picked it up again as a physical copy and liked it much more, although I never felt like trying the second part.

The City of Mirrors / Justin Cronin –> Oh man, it had some boring parts. Took me a long time to read but in the end I was satisfied.

The Mirror Empire / Kameron Hurley –> Confused me a lot in the beginning and I almost dnf it after a bit. But I kept on reading and it ended up being pretty cool. Very different and very violent.

The Color of Magic / Terry Pratchett –> I started this when I was very young and it just wasn’t for me. Tried again a few years later and fell in love with the Discworld.

The Well of Ascension / Brandon Sanderson –> I didn’t really struggle with it, but it took me longer to read it than the first and third book of the trilogy. Was a bit slow at some points, but still good.



  1. Shame about the narrator for Hunger Games, but glad you liked it when you tried again. I heard the second Mistborn novel is slower- but I’m still looking forward to it. And I can see why you’d struggle with colour of magic when you were younger- I didn’t start the series until I was older (and I also didn’t start with colour of magic πŸ˜‰ )

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  2. I’ve never read The Hunger Games, or Pratchett. I feel like I have some catching up to do! πŸ™‚ And I haven’t been able to get into the Locke Lamora books, but I may try again one of these days.

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  3. I felt the same way about Red Seas Under Red Skies but it quickly became my favorite of the series. Also had the same experience with Well of Ascension but man… Brandon Sanderson never disappoints. I’ve literally read all his cosmere and canNOT wait for Oathbringer.

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  4. I think I am the only one who liked the first half of The Stand better than the second half. I did enjoy the book overall though. I have only read one other book on your list, The Hunger Games. I would like to try Pratchett’s books.

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!

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  5. I’ve been trying to start The Well of Ascension for over a year now and I haven’t been able to push through. I LOVED the first one though, so I should really just get into it and I’ll probably end up loving it just as much…

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      1. I’m glad to live in a world with so many different opinions. It’s funny that I can love it so much and you don’t. I guess this is what makes people interesting.

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      2. Right?! πŸ™‚ I think it’s super interesting – I love reading negative reviews on my favourite books for example. Just to see what other people didn’t like.

        It would be boring if we all agreed on everything πŸ˜€

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