Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 6

Um wow. I did not expect that. I did not expect at all to be so torn here! There were a couple of great scenes and a couple of things that didn’t sit right with me this time and I can’t ignore them.

First of all – after making one of the most stupid decisions to go beyond the Wall and capture a Wight/White Walker, the group’s travel just felt off. The conversations between the different characters felt out of place. I didn’t like how it was done.

I liked the fight with the Walker-bear, that was cool and I also liked Tormund talking about Brienne. Tormund in general is still awesome 🙂 Also, WHY DON’T YOU GUYS WEAR HATS!! Why are there no beanies in Westeros??

wear this, this is cute!

I thought it was interesting, that all the Wights got destroyed when the Walker who turned them was killed. It will make it easier – just attack the generals. Or the Night King himself.

After they capture a Wight and see an army of nasties come towards them, they send Gendry back to the Wall to send a raven to Dany and call for help. They get circled by a whole army and wait miserably on a rock. Night King is watching them. Thoros of Myr dies. At least Tormund and the Hound are still alive.

When the army attack them, they fight for their lives! And I loved those scenes. So desperate and well done! I almost thought Tormund was done for!!!

And then, just before they get overwhelmed, Dragon ex Machina!!! Dany & all of her 3 dragons come for the rescue. As much as I liked how this scene looked visually and how well it was done, how great the music was and the fact that I love dragons to death…


I kinda ignored the fact that everyone apparently knows how to teleport, but this was TOO MUCH! So Gendry runs back to the Wall. They send a raven to DRAGONSTONE (which should take a while!) and then Dany decides to rescue everyone and flies from DRAGONSTONE to the freaking WALL!!

by redditor Steve H.

You might have seen this map which shows where Jon Snow traveled since the end of Season 5. Dragonstone is all the way down in the South and we all know where the Wall is! You can’t explain it away and say time has passed and they just sped it up.. They were surrounded by Walkers for how long? Weeks? Without any food and in the cold?

The Night King killing Viserion broke my heart!! I can’t watch animals dying, and dragons is even worse 😦 Of course he has a freaking White Walker Dragon now, this is NOT GOOD!! Damn damn damn, giant dragon battle next episode??? Leave my other 2 dragon babies alone!!!!

At least Dany is convinced and tells Jon, who has more plot armor than anyone else on the show now, that she will fight the Night King with him. They have a very emotional scene together and I can see where this is going.

Considering the talk about succession that came up in Dany’s conversation with Tyrion (which was brilliant by the way..), this will either mean Dany’s getting pregnant (pls no) or she will make Jon her successor.

Also, Benjen ex Machina! Hey Jon, bye Jon. There was enough space on that horse!!!

I am not sure what to think about what’s happening in Winterfell anymore. I want to believe that Arya has a plan and is not actually trying to kill her sister. Fuck you, Littlefinger, this is all your fault. And Bran, a little help please?!

Soo… that was the second to last episode. Definitely not my favourite and I am not as hype for next week as I thought I’d be! I mean, the Hound is going to King’s Landing and is probably going to see his brother! Dany and Jon are seeing Cersei. Brienne will meet up with Jaime again.

Maybe I am just upset that it’ll be all over soon 😀


    1. This season just feels so rushed! I mean I still liked most of it, but it’s such a big difference to the previous season that took time with everything. Now it seems like they are in a hurry to finish it all off and the plot is suffering..

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  1. As epic as this episode was, I have to agree something felt completely off about it. Probably because this whole fiasco could have been avoided if a couple episodes ago, Jon had said “Hey, Dany, since you don’t believe me about the walkers, what say you and I take a little joyride on your dragon north beyond the wall? Since apparently a jaunt like that takes absolutely no time at all!”

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  2. Yeah the capture-a-wight idea has now cost them a dragon, which is an expensive price to pay, and the payoff- Cersei’s copperation- is for shit. But they gotta get that Wall down so it’s full speed ahead! The battle scenes were pretty good, I thought Tormund was a goner too! The timing is of course crazysauce but I actually just found it humorous- at this point I’m just going with the show as it’s SO different from the books I’m trying not to get too hung up. 🙂

    Still, Benjen showing up was a huge eye- rolling moment for me though. Nothing against Benji, but it was just… too much. I’m not sure how the meeting will go- presumably at least Drogon will be there and possibly Rhaegal as well, and between them and the Mountain and all that- could be really epic or kinda lame. I guess we’ll see. Littlefinger they’re just dragging out, he’s so toast at this point. That should be entertaining!

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  3. Totally agree with everything. This was one of my favourite episodes in literally a whole season however I see your points. Wtf was with dany teleporting to jons rescue? I hated that. I also cried and was so upset when the dragon died too, same as you again I hate animals being hurt/killed etc (must be a Sarah thing). Looking forward to the hound vs the mountain & I guess I’m the only one on board the aunt & nephew ship? 🙃😝

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  4. I actually loved this episode and one of the main things I enjoyed was the bonding between the men, especially Tormund and The Hound. Tormund talking about Brienne was so funny. My heart was in my mouth when he was screaming for help as I thought he was doomed. With a shortened series, the time issue was always going to be compressed so I’m pretty much over that but my main objection is that they have shortened it. It means we miss updates like Greyworm’s journey, Yara’s imprisonment, Ellaria updates which we would have got in earlier seasons. We’re not seeing anything of Brienne and Pod and other characters. We didn’t see enough of the Brotherhood going north ie their capture at Eastwatch. So for me the shortened series is the big thing they’ve done wrong.

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  5. The whole caper about capturing a White Walker was total idiocy even before the first glimmer of such an idea was fully formed: even if they had managed the feat without any loss, did they really think that Cersei would be convinced? IMHO she would not even if one of the White Walkers bit her where the sun doesn’t shine! 😀
    That said – and conveniently forgetting the crazy timing (I used up a good portion of my suspension of disbelief here) – I loved the epic feel of the episode, and was devastated at the death of the dragon, doubly devastated because the moment I saw it plunge down into the icy waters I *knew* that the WW were going to gain a powerful creature for their ranks.
    As for the Winterfell thread, I’m very worried at how easily the Stark sisters have fallen prey to Littlefinger’s machinations, and I hope that Bran wakes up quickly and FINALLY puts his ravenly three eyes to good use!
    Oh, and I LOVE Thormund – if Brienne does not understand what she’s missing, she’s a complete idiot 😀

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  6. yeah the teleporting has gotten realllly silly now. And yes the Benjen thing was ludicrous- clearly Jon’s plot armour doesn’t extend to saving his uncle too. But ah well- I don’t think it’ll go down this way in the books- it’s clearly ridiculous here cos Jon has to survive to the end. Great review!

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