Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 5

Here be Spoilers.

We jump straight into the action and see that BRONN SURVIVED YAYYY! And he saved Jaime on the way. Those 2 are far away from Dany, Drogon and the battle in general and Bronn’s had enough. Sure, you are going up against dragons! I would have loved for him to switch sides there and go with Tyrion and later with Jon! I really don’t care that it should have been impossible for him to survive AND drag along Jaime in his armor. GIVE BRONN ALL THE PLOT ARMOR!


You could have called this episode ‘History repeats itself’. It contains less action scenes & violence than episode 4 but has a lot of strong, emotional or revealing scenes. It’s a lot quieter but still, so much happens and it’s probably one of the best episodes setting up for what’s to come. It will be glorious, I am sure!

Sooo…. Our first ‘history repeats itself’-moment is Dany burning Randyll Tarly and DICKON to death for refusing to bend the knee. She doesn’t listen to Tyrion proposing to send them to the Wall or taking them prisoners.. Those are some scary similarities to Joffrey in season 1 refusing to let Ned Stark go to the Wall and the Mad King burning people left and right. I fear for Dany. She has been pretty ruthless the whole season, showing shades of all previous monarchs she did not want to be. It’s up to her advisors to reign her in and Tyrion is aware.

They hatch this really stupid plan to bring a wight to Cersei in King’s Landing and convince her of the threat in the North. ….wait what??? So they are basically destroying their own army by sending good men behind the Wall to prove to Cersei something she wouldn’t even care about? Because that’s what I think. Even if they succeed, she won’t side with them. Bitch is too far on the crazy side.

And now… excuse me.. she’s pregnant??? Is she really? I hope she’s lying..

I am normally not someone who complains about the show being different to the books. I realize it’s a work of its own but what has been annoying me for a couple of season now is JAIME’S STORY! He had the BEST redemption arc in the books. The BEST!! And in the show he looks like a whiny little coward since he came back to King’s Landing!! And with Cersei’s pregnancy it doesn’t look as if it’s going to change. I still have my hopes up that something happens which will finally turn him against her. But I can’t see it at the moment.


I really hope Bronn is gone from King’s Landing by now. I was hoping he’d join Tyrion after he met with Jaime.

But let’s talk about how great Davos is this season and……………..




I loved this parallel to his father Robert! It made me really emotional seeing Gendry so strong and determined and not hiding anymore. He is looking great and I hope he will meet Arya again. Him getting introduced to Jon Snow was everything!! How could I not see that coming?! History repeats itself again as another Baratheon heir stands next to a Stark, the King in the North. Just like Ned and Robert, Gendry and Jon get along immediately and don’t you dare break up this bromance!!

Jon meeting Drogon was an awesome & strong scene as well! Well done by everyone involved! Drogon recognizes a TRUE Targaryen!!

True? Yes, let’s just slip this in there, Gilly is the best! ‘Hey Sam! This guy kept track of all his bowel movements and windows and steps and stuff and hey, what’s annulment? And who is Raggar Targ-‘ WILL YOU SHUT UP?!

Sam, man…. I hope Gilly took the book! Or one of Bran’s ravens was around.

Just writing this review, I noticed how MUCH actually happened!

In Winterfell it’s all not going as I’d like… Seems like Littlefinger has the upper hand again, sneaky little f*ck. Standing in corners since season 1. If he turns Arya and Sansa against each other, I will riot! Also, Bran! Maybe have your eyes on what’s happening around you and leave the freaking Night King alone! You already made him mad af, nothing to do there!


The last scene was a thing of beauty and one of the biggest teases in the history of the show. HOW CAN YOU STOP THERE?!

Let me get this straight:

Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Jorah Mormont!(who also reunited with Dany before), Gendry Baratheon, Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion and the FUCKING HOUND all go looking for wights behind the Wall! The shot of them walking.. SO EPIC!!!


I know that half of them will probably die and it’s a shitty idea anyways, but damn, I can’t say I am not looking forward to them going wild next episode.

I am scared though as well. Scared for all of my favourite characters! Scared for Bronn, for Tormund, the Hound and Arya!!

I watched the preview for next episode this time and they were RUNNING and looking freaked out! Pls don’t be giant ice spiders or White Walker giants!!!

Still hype for next episode, but more scared now!

I do hope the last 2 episodes are a little longer.

Oh, and by the way….



  1. Yeah Dany’s kinda scary at this point, but then she comes back and is all chill with Jon. She was pretty ruthless w/ the Tary’s though. And yes wanting to “prove” something to Cersei is a waste of time. Goofy storyline but whatever. Agree about Jaime, such a shame.

    Gendry lol. That was done well, him and Jon. And Jon and Drogon too, nice scene. Even though it’s silly I’m looking forward to some north of the Wall action next time… πŸ˜‰

    Edmure. Who’s Edmure?? lol

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  2. *scared* is exactly the place where I am right now: scared for my favorite characters, scared for the fact that there are only two episodes left and I know we’ll be left in the lurch in a worse way than in previous seasons, scared because we’re in uncharted territory (having gone beyond the books) and just *anything* could happen….

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  3. So after BronnΒ΄s last superheroepisode we get to see, that he saved Jaime and himself by diving like a mile. Yes, that was kind of funny, but after all stranger things happen in a fantasy tv show, so what. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the clever mercenary with the smart lines.

    The whole episode then serves to clean up the mess created by the previous one and to sort things out freshly. Which means, Littlefinger finds his form again. No one whithin the show or in front of the screens likes him a lot and we are yearning for some harmony between the newly reunited sisters, but Littlefinger is truely one of characters making things move, so we canΒ΄t help it. He wonΒ΄t escape BranΒ΄s eyes and Aryas dagger anyway, so just plot and scheme away.

    The last scene is very promising. The moronic plan to convince Cersei with a white walker is much beyond me, but I canΒ΄t wait to see what will come of it. Eight companions setting out for a dangerous quest behind a giant wall – never seen anything like it in a movie πŸ™‚ They could be called The Companionship of the Thing, and the one who catches an undead pedestrian the Thingbearer. And what are the odds for casualties and survivors? Since this show does take out our most beloved characters, anyone can fear the most for the the remaining two episodes. I think, Jorah and Gendry are much in danger of not returning. What do you think?

    I just saw, the last season will have only 6 episodes? Hell, whatΒ΄s that? Will they at least be 2 hours each? Perhaps they could hire Peter Jackson, so that we can expect an evening-long Blockbuster each week.


    1. the πŸ™‚ should rather have been a πŸ˜‰ . πŸ˜‰

      I just read, that HBO by hazard did send the 6th episode this morning in Spain, UK and Norway, perhaps other countries too. Perhaps it can be streamed, if anyone is interested, however the quality of most copies is said to be inferior. Apart from Norway, where everything seems to be high quality. I didnΒ΄t bother to find out details, so no spoilers here of course. Only this, the episode has 70 minutes.

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      1. I’m trying to stay away from it as well, what the hell is going on with leaks this season? I hope they can keep the last season a secret! Why would anyone want to know before? It takes away all of the fun!

        70 min is great though! And the last one will be 80 πŸ™‚


  4. Gendry coming back made me so happy! He and his hammer, just like his Dad ❀️

    I know Dany’s behaviour is supposed to be worrying, but at the risk of sounding cruel- I didn’t feel sorry for Randyll at all. He was absolutely horrible to Sam and tried to kill him…The only person there I mourned was Dickon.

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  5. I was so relieved to find out straight away that Bronn and Jaime are alive but I’m sooo frustrated that Jaime is still Cersei’s bitch! I want him to go north and fight with the others! Run away with Brienne or something! Bronn popping up on Dragonstone or at Winterfell would be fun. I think this trip north is so dumb. Cersei won’t greatly care what evidence you have as she will betray you anyway!!! Yes to Gendry and Jon bonding and I always love Davos. But I wish Littlefinger and Sansa would elope and violently die!

    The next episode is 1 hour 5/6 minutes you’ll be glad to know…a friend of my uncle grabbed the leaked episode from HBO Spain’s mistake the other day. I’ve seen it today and it is awesome! I’ll still wait and post my review on Monday as normal.

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  6. haha yay for plot armour!! I was glad of that too!! Yes I really really fear for Dany too- I’ve had trouble with the direction her character’s been taking for a while now :/ And yeahhh it’s a crap plan- I understand why they came up with said crap plan. I’d be amazed if Cersei has a baby- maybe it’ll be a Mary Tudor scenario of a phantom pregnancy… I loved the reintroduction of Gendry!!!! And I will be so mad if Littlefinger succeeds in turning Arya and Sansa against each other. I mean they should have learnt Ned’s lesson from season 1 that in dangerous places they can’t be fighting a war among themselves… but this is Game of thrones- chances are the duplicitous snake will get his way :/

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