Top Ten Tuesday: Most Read Authors

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This list will not include authors I read in my childhood and early teens, because I am still working on that list! I should have kept track…

So this is basically only most read authors for adult-me:


Terry Pratchett – 23 books –> I almost made it through all Discworld novels. I probably would have finished by now, but I decided to start a big Re-Read as there are no new books getting published anymore 😦 I am up to Wyrd Sisters now, one of my favourites if I remember correctly and the first book that introduces us to the witches!

Robin Hobb – 17 books –> Everything apart from her Soldier Son trilogy. I am really not interested in it and heard the main character is horribly whiny. I loved everything about Fitz & the Fool, the Liveship Traders and the Rainwilds! Best setting and characters, I hope she’s writing more set in this world.

Stephen King – 17 books –> more than I thought! I am slowly reading EVERYTHING! My favourites so far are The Dark Tower series, The Stand, The Shining and Misery.

Jennifer Fallon – 16 books –> everything she wrote I think apart from the Rift Runner series. I only read the first book there and wasn’t a fan, unfortunately. At least I tried! But all of her other books are amazing! The Tide Lord Quartet, The Medalon Trilogy, Hythrun Chronicles, The Second Sons Trilogy and the War of the Gods! I love her characters and how unpredictable and surprising it is!

Brandon Sanderson – 15 books –> I think I am almost up to date here. I didn’t count any short stories I read – only the collection Arcanum Unbounded. I am missing the Alcatraz books, but not sure if I am interested. Maybe I’ll try them one day.

Steven Erikson – 10 books –> which is the whole Malazan Book of the Fallen. I haven’t continued with his other trilogy yet. One day. After I am done with my Reread 😀

Tamora Pierce – 9 books –> The Song of the Lioness and The Immortals, as well as Sandry’s book. I never managed to continue the Circle of Magic series.

Jim Butcher – 7 books –> The Furies of Calderon, The Aeronaut’s Windlass and the first 5 Harry Dresden novels. I will only continue with Harry Dresden. He’s cool. And has a cat.

James Clemens – 7 books –> The Banned and the Banished as well as the first 2 books of his Godslayer series. That has not been continued. Not sure what’s happening there. But those book are something else… And I am not sure if that’s good or bad. Maybe I will re-read at some point. But only if the series continues.

Christoph Marzi – 7 books –> A German author who writes fantasy. Very cute and magical and always reminds me of fairy tales.


  1. Stephen King. I only read 1 book of his a year, so he’ll never get on my Top Read.

    Done with Codex Alera, eh? Welp, I hope Dresden works out for you. Considering you’ve already read 5 and still like him, I suspect you’ll go the long haul…

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    1. Welll… I haven’t read any Dresdens in years because I was annoyed at the last books. But I hear it’s getting so much better, so I’ll stick around. I do like Harry as a character and the writing but it felt like the same story over and over..
      If I don’t like the next book, that’s it for me as well then.

      You might live until 100 years, then King will be your TOP author 😀

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  2. I started thinking about this when I saw Bookstooge’s post. The early ones would be hard. Feist, R.A. Salvatore and especially Weis and Hickman (at least two Dragonlance trilogies and the seven book Death Gate Cycle). Maybe Piers Anthony too.

    I’m currently on my 20th Robert Jordan book. I’m not sure who else I’ve read in real quantity as an adult. Reviewing/blogging encourages me to read widely. I’ve read nine Sanderson books, counting the Wheel of Time books he worked on. If we go beyond SF and count short story collections, I’ve read nine Ron Rash books.

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    1. I am annoyed at myself, that I didn’t keep track of what I read when I was younger. Too many horse club and boarding school books 😀

      I’ve never read anything by Piers Anthony or Weis & Hickman, But I tried the first Drizzt book by Salvatore. Unfortunately I didn’t like it, but I might give some of his books another chance at some point. My taste in books has changed a lot since I read it.

      Good effort with Jordan!

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      1. Did you read the Crystal Shard or the first Drizzt book chronologically? I remember the Crystal Shard very fondly. I thought it was a lot better than the prequel books. I read a couple of his Crimson Shadow books, which were fun but meh.

        Dragonlance is a great story, but Weis and Hickman were novices when they wrote the original trilogy and it really, really shows. It has not held up well. The Death Gate Cycle is really, really good but then they screwed up the ending.

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      2. I had to look it up, it was ‘Homeland’ that I read. I didn’t really know what to start with so I thought I just read chronologically. I might try ‘the Crystal Shard’ then, if it’s better and it’s not important to know the prequel trilogy?

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      3. Yeah, Crystal Shard was written first, so no need to read the prequels.

        I’m not dogmatic about it, but I think it almost always makes sense to read in publication order rather than chronologically. Even if the authors sometimes say otherwise!

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  3. I was caught up on all the Fitz books at one time, but those days are past lol. I have to get to the new trilogy. I wasn’t super interested in her Soldier Son series either.

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  4. Wow! I can’t believe you’ve managed to commit and read this many books by the same author. Out of all of these I’ve read a few Terry Pratchett and Stephen King novels, but they’re both authors which I want to read more of.

    For this week’s TTT I recommended books for reluctant readers: check it out here if you’re interested.

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  5. Ah yes, Brandon Sanderson is a legend. I’ve only read 9 books by him so far but I plan on reading lot more in the future! I’m a bit reluctant to read the Alcatraz series as well. I unfortunately didn’t enjoy the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce very much. I really need to read some of Stephen King’s books!

    Rekha @ Million Book Mill

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  6. Nice listing 🙂

    I really warmly recommend Soldier Son trilogy. It’s madly great!
    First I hated the main character too, I couldn’t get him and it was so annoying to read a book where you hate the main character. But then, something changes in the sequel and you will slowly start to love the main character 🙂

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  7. I hope Terry Pratchett will be by most read author one day. I’m slowly working on that. I own the most books written by him so there is that, haha. I tried Lycidas by Christoper Marzi but I could not get into that at all.

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    1. Wow, that’s a number!

      I only read a couple of his books as a teenager, like ‘The Green Mile’ or ‘Firestarter’. I got into him years later through the ‘Dark Tower’ Series and now want to read everything! What’s your favourite?


  8. Brandon Sanderson’s books have been on my TBR for a while but I’ve yet to read any of them. I’m particularly interested in the Mistborn series! I’m hoping I will have read at least one book in the series by the end of 2017.

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  9. There are many Stephen King Books in my home and especially his Dark-Tower-Zyklus I had read more then once, “It” and “The Stand” too. A long time he qualified for “most book of one author” in your home. Now this title goes to Agatha Christie: Over the last years I bought all ther Hercule-Poirot-mysteries (I love him so much more than Miss Marple) and read all of them but “Curtain” (I want and don’t want to read this last book, sigh); some other books of her are in my librabry too. 🙂 And I love the Amelia-Peabody-Mysteries by Elizabeth Peters… Well I like the first books – until Ramses becomes ca. 17 years old or so – more. Oh and well I often find the “case” a bit over the top but the novels are so entertaining and funny (and the audiobooks narratet by Barbara Rosenblat are amazing).

    But even so – the title of the most read author has to go to Jane Austen. I love and appreciate her six novels – some more than others – and reread them with regularity: in english, in german, print or audiobooks or -plays with various narrators/interpretors etc. 🙂

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