Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 4

Best episode of the season, if you ask me!

It started out slow, but oh my god, MY HEART!! Seeing Arya arrive at Winterfell was everything! I actually cried watching her, Sansa and Bran walking together.. and being watched by an emotional Brienne πŸ™‚ I loved seeing Sansa and Arya together. They have both grown and put aside their differences. I just can’t wait for the Stark kids to fuck up everyone!


Talking about that.. I think Littlefinger is fucked. And with that I mean, he’ll be dead before the season is over. Bran probably knows EVERYTHING about you, you better get away quick! Bran saying ‘Chaos is a ladder’ and thereby quoting LF’s monologue from a few seasons ago was SO badass! Littlefinger doesn’t know who he’s dealing with and he will be taken down by all 3 Stark kids, please. I think Bran giving the dagger to Arya settles this. She will kill LF with his own blade.


A sad moment was Meera saying goodbye to Bran. And he doesn’t care. Because, yep, we have to admit – Brandon Stark died in that cave and is now only the Three Eyed Raven. A huge responsibility that can’t have him be emotional and stuff. Bran looks pretty dead inside 😦

My second favourite scene of this episode was probably Arya fighting Brienne. Damn, it DID look good. I wonder whether this was actually Maisie Williams or a stunt double. There was this tense moment between her and Littlefinger and if he was thinking straight he’d be long gone by now…

Jon and Dany have insane chemistry… but I hope they don’t make out.. I know it’s Westeros and kinda not a big deal there.. but she’s his aunt!! And that just doesn’t work for me. I can’t believe no one has ever explored this cave before! It’s not hidden but in plain sight!

And then suddenly.. a Greyjoy ship appears! Seriously, Euron?? Can you teleport? But nooo, it’s not Euron, but Theon! And here’s another tense reunion.. Jon is NOT happy – he probably remembers what Theon did in Season 2. But he doesn’t kill him, because he saved Sansa. Fair enough.

So now.. let’s talk about the last part of this episode.


HOW FREAKING AWESOME WAS THIS?? DRAGON ACTION, DOTHRAKI, AWESOME IMAGES! I can’t believe how great everything looked, this is where their money went. I was so hype for the scene of the Dothraki army appearing and Dany flying over them on her dragon. They are all doomed if she really decides to attack King’s Landing. Who will stand against a dragon?? Or 3 of them?

It was brutal to see soldiers getting burned to death and turn to ashes!

My MVP of this episode though? BRONN!!


Doesn’t turn up for half of the season, then has some screen time and steals the show! I went from ‘PLS BRONN DON’T DIE!’ to ‘LEAVE DROGON ALONE!!’ in a couple of seconds. It’s hard if your faves are facing off against each other! I just want them to hug it out… After he lost his bag of coins I was sure he’d be done and surprised he made it out. But then after he injured Drogon I was even more convinced that this was the end. At least he’d go out in a literal blaze of glory! But nope, Bronn’s a freaking survivor!!! He will be there until the end (please)!

I had this horrible moment where I was sure they killed DROGON!! But then, seeing Dany on the ground, trying to save him, was an adorable moment and made me like her a bit more again. She’s trying to protect her dragon! And that’s the only important thing.

The last scene was a masterpiece… And Tyrion watching & commenting on it made it even better. Great acting by everyone involved!

Jaime having the courage to ride against Dany and almost being a QUEENSLAYER!! I’m glad Drogon got there in time. The save in the end was incredible, I wonder whether that was Bronn or if it would be too obvious? They probably want us to think it was Bronn! But I can’t imagine anyone else…

Once again, I am so happy I didn’t read the leaked script. Not sure if it actually was the real deal or not, but it would have taken so much away to already know what would have happened in this scene especially! I even skipped watching the preview videos. No trailers, no interviews, I’d rather be blown away like that. Now I know how watching must have been for people who haven’t read the books!

I am SO HYPE for next week!!


  1. Such a great episode wasn’t it! Hightlight of the season so far. Loved Arya messing with the guards at Winterfell, Brienne’s fights with Pod and Arya, Littlefinger’s nervous look when Bran says his chaos bit (Your days are numbered mate!!!) the cave paintings (did Jon and Davos draw them in chalk the previous night? *grins*) Bronn being Bronn, Dickon finding some backbone and humanity, poor Tyrion watching Jaime during the battle and of course that AMAZING attack scene. It looked so stunning as the dragon was swooping and breathing flame while the dothraki ran wild. I do wonder why Dany destroyed all the supplies that she needs as much as Cersei. Why not kill the men and take the supplies???

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    1. Hahaha, would have been funny to see Jon hiding a piece of chalk behind his back πŸ˜€ VERY convenient discovery there….

      Dickon’s save was great-I thought they’d only have him be a coward but he surprises us in the end. Very well done!!
      Destroying the supplies was a super dumb move!!


  2. That was such a fine monday evening. This season has a dynamics the previous ones just didnΒ΄t.
    Anybody noticed that the guy from the iron bank is Mycroft Holmes? ItΒ΄s not just Mark Gatiss playing him, itΒ΄s actually Mycroft Holmes transferred into GOT. The very same mimics, tempered manners, the same fake smile, I always wait for him to say “and send regards to my little brother” or something.

    Nice little duel between Arya and Brienne. Obviously Arya is not only a face-changing assassin attacking from behind but can hold her own against the best sword fighter of Westeros. Not bad. If she ever seeks a vocation when grown up, she can teach sword arts Bravoosi style. Pity her brother Bran does not look only emotionless but more like threequarterdead. Compared to him, Data from Startrek looks quite human.

    That all explaining cave is actually quite funny. Before the eyes of all, like you said, and just waiting for the right moment to reveal thousands of years of Westeros history. Seems like archaeology is not part of a MaesterΒ΄s education. I expected a Lascaux painting and some aliens to appear on the walls too.

    And then the final scene, Apocalypse in Westeros now. The Producers of the series must have died for this thing to come, putting Dothraki attacks, dragon havoc, Gunnery Sgt. Bronn and everything else into one. One wonders, whatΒ΄s going one with Daenerys. From the first episode of this season she appears haughty, to say the least. And now, after finding herself at disadvantage in a war, she decides to loose everything on her foes, so that the soon to be liberated people of Westeros may see her queen incinerating and slashing through anything in her way. I miss a “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”. πŸ™‚

    Things go completely wild and since no main actor is safe any more, youΒ΄re watching it paralysed. Jaime could get from QueenΒ΄s layer to Queenslayer in an instant, but is saved from grilling by Superbronn, who completely steals the show. Now we are waiting for what CerseiΒ΄s face will be, when she getΒ΄s notice of her brover captive again.

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  3. Not just the best episode of the season, but one of the best episodes of the series. I would put this battle above the Battle of the Blackwater and the Battle of the Bastards (which were both awesome), but below Hardhome.

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  4. It was a great episode. As someone who is fairly critical of the show, I thought they did a lot of things right here. Arya and Sansa were great, nice to see them interact after all they’ve been through. Bran is weird but I don’t think he’s ALL gone- I think we’ll see Bran break through a bit and show us he’s still human, it just has to be locked away a lot as he’s doing his greenseeing? I could be wrong tho… lol about Bronn. I was rooting for Dany all the way for some reason, I’m not even sure why? Ha ha I did like Tyrion showing up and thinking run Jaime run!!

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  5. Oh my, I have been in a sort of dragon frenzy since Monday evening! πŸ˜€
    You’re perfectly right when you speak about the conflicting emotions during that battle: not just because people we care about fight against each other, but because we are at the same time horrified by the flaming horror of the dragon and thrilled by such a powerful display. When I reached the part where you first worried about Bronn and then the dragon, I smiled, because that’s exactly what I did myself: one of my favorite moments was when Drogon first torches the harpoon and then flicks its tail against its smoldering remains – there was such contemptuous rage there! So very well done….

    Littlefinger should indeed think about packing and booking a ticket for… well, everywhere but NOT Winterfell: between Bran’s all-seeing three eyes and Arya the Killer, I hope he’s not long for this world. Still I wonder why Bran choose to openly detail Sansa’s horrible wedding night (a little tact there, young Stark! πŸ˜€ ), but said nothing about Littlefinger’s role in the whole bloody mess.

    My only complaint is that we have only 3 episodes remaining… (((SIGH)))

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    1. Dragon frenzy!! That’s good πŸ˜€

      I am wondering as well, why no one is mentioning LF’s roles in the past, especially what he did to Ned! Maybe Bran is still looking? He seems to struggle with his powers and maybe that’s why he’s even more distracted & absent minded than normal…

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  6. ahhh yes this episode made me tear up too!!! Yes I want LF to die and think (hope) that he will!! ahahaha that was my reaction too- but mostly POOR DROGON!!!! Yes I’m so hyped for next week!! And I avoid leaked scripts/photos/etc like the plague- I don’t want anything spoilt!!

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    1. Yesss, no spoilers!! I was so excited over the last week, it will be so hard when the season is over!

      I love the actor who portrays Littlefinger, and would be sad to see him gone… But seriously, he needs to pay for everything at some point!!

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