Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 3

Wow, another great episode! Lots of action this time but the Wall is missing again and so is the Hound. I am not amused! Also, no Arya this time.

We spend a lot of time at Dragonstone were Jon and Davos arrive to meet Dany. It felt like a big moment. I liked the dialogue although Dany’s a bit too bitchy for my liking. Isn’t it enough that Jon wants to be your ally? Anyways, of course she doesn’t believe him when he starts talking about the threat in the north and White Walkers… It will be interesting to see how they will work it out in the future and whether Dany will do something to get confirmation. Like flying to the Wall^^

Davos was great this episode! I loved the introduction scene.. Missandei is like ‘This is Daenerys Stormborn, Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains and on and on..’ And here goes Davos:

This is Jon Snow..

(awkward silence)

Da King in da norf!


I was waiting for Jon to face off with one of the dragons and see what would have happened… Maybe they recognize him somehow?

Arya doesn’t arrive at Winterfell this season.. but instead we get Bran and Meera! Awwww! I always get teary-eyed when Starks get together again and it wasn’t any different this time. Although Bran is really creepy now and freaked out poor Sansa very much. I hope he gets himself sorted out soon and can tell her what Littlefinger did to Ned!!

We also spend a lot of time in King’s Landing this episode where Euron delivers Ellaria Sand and her daughter to Cersei. he keeps Yara for himself for now…

That scene in the dungeon was super intense! All actors did so well there.. Cersei poisons Ellaria’s daughter in front of her eyes and lets her watch.. It’s the same poison that Ellaria used on Myrcella.

After that, Cersei is horny and has some lovely sibling time with Jaime, who is a bit reluctant but then gives in. Cersei doesn’t even care anymore if the servants see them together. Full crazy mode.

We watch the Dothraki storm Casterly Rock only to be attacked by Euron’s fleet straight after. The biggest part of the Lannister army is not even there. They are attacking and taking over Highgarden! Something no one expected… And in a few minutes, Dany’s army is almost non-existent anymore!

Why didn’t she send scouts/her dragons to check out any foreign attackers before she sent her whole navy off? And what happened to Varys? He used to know everything! Doesn’t he have his spies everywhere? Couldn’t anyone advise Dany better?

Anyways… the ending of the episode was amazing.. Jaime confronts Olenna Tyrell after his army took her castle and she knows that this will be the end. She’s still trying to make Jaime see how awful his sister is. Something he knows already, but still denies…

I loved that Olenna, after she drank all the poison, boasts about killing Joffrey.



  1. You just have to love Olenna! Her final scenes with Jaime were great but the whole Casterly Rock/ Highgarden attack should have been the main bit of the episode and instead it was all rushed into the final minutes of the episode which was disappointing. I’m tired of Jaime being such a pathetic doormat and meekly doing what he is told just because Cersei is good in bed. Come on Jaime, wake up! I love Davos so much but the conversation with Jon and Dany disappoints. Jon needed to tell her what happened in Hardhome, what the WW and AOTD DO to people…if he had mentioned that LC Mormont had seen it, maybe Dany would have believed it more, with her trust for Jorah. Sam cures Jorah…yea! But Euron doing his Jack Sparrow means I can’t take him seriously as a bad guy.

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  2. It seems like slowly moving to the end of it gets some drive into everything, even if thereΒ΄s another season due. CerseiΒ΄s revenge is haunting. I just love the way Lena Headey is playing her, in a crazy and at times sensitive way.
    In the meantime, Bran tells Sansa he has become the internet and knows and sees all things. Allright. Maybe we get to know the sense of life from him, before the season ends.
    Anyway, I love the season and canΒ΄t wait until tomorrow.

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    1. I am so curious about Bran’s storyline from now on.. and i’ve seen some crazy theories!!

      I have to work all day today and the episode’s on at 11am i think.. i am already hype and can’t wait πŸ™‚ i got told yesterday it’s gonna be amazing πŸ™‚


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