Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 2

Spoiler Alert!

I really, really enjoyed episode 2 again! It seems like the action is moving a little faster now, which is good, considering it’s a short season this year.

We cover almost everyone, missing this episode are the Wall, including Bran, Tormund and also the Brotherhood without Banners & the Hound. Sucks, because the Wall is my favourite setting together with Winterfell. And I always love watching the Hound – he will have a big role to play I hope.

So what’s happening this time? Cersei tries to win Lord Tarly, Sam’s dad over for her cause, Jaime is still very uncomfortable with the whole situation, Master Qyburn designed a horrible dragon-killing weapon and damages a freaking massive dragon skull!


Dany is now surrounded by more allies, including Lady Olenna, Ellaria Sand, the Greyjoys and even Melisandre! She seems very defeated and humble, but mentions Jon Snow to Dany and she decides to summon him to Dragonstone!

Jon himself decides to meet with Dany, because she sits on a pile of dragonglass and has DRAGONS that will be handy against the White Walkers. He leaves Sansa in control of Winterfell in his absence..

I am not cool with that for 2 reasons

  1. Littlefinger
  2. Is Jon going to just miss Arya????

My favourite scenes this episode were definitely Arya’s. First she meets Hot Pie. HOT PIE! SOO happy to see him πŸ™‚ Also, he tells her what’s up at Winterfell and Arya decides to go there instead of King’s Landing! You go, girl πŸ™‚

And then… we see someone who was lost since season 1, episode 3…


I won’t say anything, apart from: This scene broke my heart! It was beautiful, but sad and I fear for Nymeria’s life right now for some reason. If she’s coming back to protect Arya at some point.. please don’t die!

By the way, where’s Ghost? Is he going with Jon to Dragonstone? I hope so!

I loved the sea battle, the chaos and fire and the fighting and especially insane Euron. Woah, what an improvement. Last season I almost forgot he was there, now he’s the MVP.

I fear what Cersei will do to Ellaria…. It won’t be pretty.

Theon… Some great acting again there. He didn’t really have a choice though, Euron would have just taken him as well. Of course jumping from the ship looks cowardly, but at least someone survived the massacre. Maybe Gendry will pick him up now.

Sam’s winning the most disgusting scenes award again. Damn, poor Jorah 😦 I hope there’s something in it for him in the end. I would love it if he sees Dany again..


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  1. I was sad for Nymeria too, but at least Arya got to see her. It’s been a while. And, um, Nym has grown! Yees she was huge!

    Arya and Hot Pie! Awesome. Can’t wait to see Jon and Dany meet up. And davos gets to see his favorite person- Melisandre- again lol. Euron is certainly making his presence felt!

    Ugh the Jorah scene! GRossss!!

    Lol about Gendry . Row Gendry row!!

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  2. Great episode with a huge end. The great idea of how to fight a dragon made me laugh. In a world full of spells and witchcraft an enormous antiaircraft gun seems such an unispired idea, though it might really work. But then I would not try one such thing vs. three dragons.

    The idea of leaving the northern kingdom in SansaΒ΄s hands makes me uneasy. Things were just going to good till now, with Jon as the best imaginable KITN and Daenerys preparing to unqueen Cersei and everything on the way to a beautiful end. Now Jon wonΒ΄t be there where it matters (and really, couldnΒ΄t Daenerys have her request formulated somewhat less imperial?) and Sansa might just be in the mood to test some childish ideas.

    The final scenes when Euron attacks and annihilates the fleet are terrifying. Now in particular, where the series has left the books behind and you canΒ΄t know who will outlive the episode, tension really gets intense. 2 of the Sands already donΒ΄t, Anyway, now IΒ΄m fully hooked and waiting for the havoc to come.

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  3. I’m sick of Sansa and her childish attitude, trying to undermine Jon in front of his men. Without him, she wouldn’t even BE at Winterfell. Leaving her in charge is not good with slimy Littlefinger waiting to step in. Sansa seems to think she can rule but she has no clue about it! Arya needs to get there quickly or Brienne needs to step in! I’m hoping that Sansa and Littlefinger die this season…Euron was much scarier this week which was good and I’m thinking that Theon might get picked up by Jon’s ship…

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  4. I wonder what’s more dangerous. Greyscale or Infections! That scene was terrible to watching, especially when he had to start sawing through it. Let’s hope Jorah has a bigger role to play for putting up with that misery. Maybe a self sacrifice or something.

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  5. I was feeling so warmly happy after the encounter between Arya and Nymeria (and I’m certain it will not be the last – like Drogon did with Daenerys, I’m sure she will come to Arya’s aid in a dire moment of need, and they will both survive!), then the night-time attack on the fleet brought me back to a feeling of unease… Trust Martin not to leave us feeling good for too long…

    As for Sansa, I’m not greatly worried: Littlefinger is a weasel, granted, but she’s not the dreamy-eyed girl she used to be, and she sees through him. Moreover, if Arya is headed to Winterfell, even though she will miss Jon 😦 , it will mean both Stark girls against the sneaky schemer: he has no chance at all, especially if Arya decides to go serial killer on him!

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  6. ah yes that scene with cersei made me shudder! I really hope Jon doesn’t miss Arya! I was so happy to see Hot pie and Arya getting reunited too πŸ˜€ I really hope we’re going to see Ghost soon too- but obviously I know they’re trying to save money with effects, so maybe not. Yeahh it took me ages to make the connection between why Cersei would want Ellaria (I’m so dense) but I finally get it!! I agree that Theon didn’t have a choice, but it was heartbreaking! :/ And gosh yes those scenes are gross! Fantastic review!!

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