Sunday Reading #2

Good morning everyone! Today is a very special day. It’s Sunday and I am NOT working. I think that’s a first this year.

Here’s what I am reading and what I am up to at the moment:


I started reading this collection of novellas set in the Powder Mage universe. I was recommended to start with them as it will make it easier to enjoy the first trilogy.

I have to say that I am glad I did, I read the first 2 stories so far and they were great! The first one, Forsworn introduces us to the world, the magic & politics and a great heroine, 19year old Erika. She is the heiress to a duchy in Kez, where Powder Mages are killed. She is a Powder Mage herself, but her position as heiress protects her. She had to swear an oath to the King to never use her magical powers.

I don’t want to say too much, because I’ll write a review when I am done, but I love the characters, especially Tamas who is the main character of the second novella Servant of the Crown.

It’s a great way to introduce readers to the Powder Mage universe and some of the characters who will also play roles in the trilogy.

The only complaint I have is a minor one. I would have liked to have explicit scenes in the second novel. I hate it when 2 characters are about to get it on and then suddenly we jump to another scene and it only gets hinted at. That’s teasing and I don’t like it! I don’t want an elaborate & flowery sex scene but at least talk about it.

I am also still reading Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson, but can’t bring myself to continue at the moment. And I don’t want to force myself. I am exactly halfway through and disappointed that I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought. It’s still not bad, not by far, but I thought I’d run through it. I hope I feel like it again soon.

And apart from that I picked up Sourcery by Terry Pratchett and enjoy reading about Rincewind, the Luggage and Cohen’s daughter Conina having adventures 🙂


I am also thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch… Because I need to play every Zelda game that’s out there. Thanks, Nintendo. I might wait until I finished every version for my 3DS though, I still have 2 to go.

And in the meantime.. I was talking about old computer games with my friend at work yesterday and now I want to play Zoo Tycoon..


I only ever played the first version but got the second one now. I see if i like it as much..


  1. Oh my Zoo Tycoon- I think I played the first one? That’s like back in the old Baldur’s Gate days lol. And I need a Switch too. I don’t know why, I just do. 🙂

    Love that cover of Forsworn!

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  2. I moved in a very non-linear way through McClellan’s series – reading (and mostly forgetting until my recent re-read) Promise of Blood first, then moving on to Sins of Empire and after that starting on the novellas, but I totally agree with you: the shorter works are the absolute best way to get to know the background and the characters, and they make you appreciate the main story even more.

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  3. Ha! I had planned to read all of McClellan’s stories from In the Field Marshal’s Shadow before Sins of Empire but wound up running out of time. I just happened to pick it back up yesterday. They’re enjoyable, but they can’t really compare to his novels.

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  4. Would you say that these novellas could be read before reading the first book? I’ve been meaning to start the series but just haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Zoo Tycoon 2 is the best! I’ve still got the disks for it and 3/4 expansions. For a while there I had hundreds of mods for it.


    1. Yes, definitely. At least the first 4 novellas. I haven’t started the first trilogy yet but I was told reading the novellas first helps in getting to know the characters. They take place about 20-30 years before so it won’t take anything away.

      I started playing Zoo Tycoon 2 yesterday and am already addicted 😀

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  5. I haven’t read the Powder Mage novellas, but I LOVE the main series! Also, the Zelda game for Switch is super fun and I love the open world aspect!! It’s a huge play area!

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