Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 1

Beware Spoilers!

SO EXCITEEEED! It’s finally back on, yay yay!

I think they dealt with almost all of the characters this time. I am happy to see that lots of storylines lead together and now we are not jumping around too much anymore.

Let’s start at the Twins.

Wow, that is a flashback? Lord Frey is back? Nope, it’s Arya and I couldn’t wait to see what happened! SO much satisfaction! She just wiped out a whole house and then delivered my favourite line of the premiere:

When people ask you what happened here, tell them that the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.

Awesome start! I liked Arya meeting all those Lannister soldiers later on as well, although they all looked like a Boyband. And Ed Sheeran was a bit out of place as well. But I got what they wanted to do and I loved it! Arya, ever cautious, probably planned to kill them or at least steal their food, but then they turn out to be nice guys. So even if they ARE the enemies’ soldiers, they are still human beings and can treat you well. And Arya is not only a killer-machine but can show compassion! In the end, all of them have to stand together united anyways, or the White Walkers will run them over.

Talking about White Walkers… Holy shit, the army of Darkness is on the march and they have UNDEAD GIANTS!!!


Not sure what I think about Arya going to King’s Landing.. I was hoping she’d go to Winterfell instead. Does she even know what’s up there?

Also, Bran and Meera arrive at the Wall. Meera will have some serious muscle by now, pulling Bran through the snow.. They meet up with Dolorous Ed and are led inside.. So… Did I miss something? Isn’t Bran touched by the Night King and wherever he goes, the Whiteys can follow? Meaning, they are able to breach the Wall now? Or where they able to already anyways? Bran seems pretty careless! Looking forward to more of his visions though.

At Winterfell, the new King in the North, Jon Snow, is talking to his followers, trying to prepare them for the horrors behind the Wall. Not an easy task, as lots of the Northerners are still not fully convinced that the White Walkers really exist. Sansa is questioning Jon’s decisions in front of his people, which is a pretty dumb move. Shouldn’t you know better now, Sansa? I don’t like the tension between them. And I don’t like Littlefinger‘s smirk- he’s working on some evil scheme again. Anyways, I get Sansa, but I am on Jon’s side now, I loved the scene, where he made Ned Umber and Alys Karstark declare their loyalty to him and gave them back their castles. They should not be punished for their fathers’ betrayal. I think this will be a recurring theme this season…. And Jon is right – they have to stand together now!

One of my favourite characters in the show, Tormund Giantsbane is about to be sent to Eastwatch by the Sea as the Walkers will probably get there soon. Please don’t die, Tormund! I love his scenes with Brienne, best romance on the show!!!

tormund brienne
Still one of my favourite scenes!

In King’s Landing, Cersei goes full crazy. Even Jaime starts thinking the same. Love his facial expressions in this episode! He says he’s fully supporting his sister, but his face tells another story. And holy cow, Cersei! Reign it in… Now she’s calling her son a traitor for committing suicide! She’s totally lost it. And has no more allies! Total denial.

But then Euron fucking Greyjoy turns up with tons of pretty warships!! How did they build them this quickly? There were like 20 people! And no trees!! Anyways, I’ve read a lot of hate on him but I love everything they did to Euron this season. His outfit, him being so cocky and overly confident, his swagger, his quips at Jaime (which Jaime sells very well!). Interested to see where all of this is going! I get Ragnar/Floki (Vikings) vibes from Euron and I approve!

euron greyjoy
new and improved Euron on the left

One of my new favourite team-ups next to Bron/Jaime and Arya/Sandor is now Sandor Clegane together with the Brotherhood without Banners! God, this is soo good! The Hound hating on Thoros (you bald c*nt!) and Beric not being sure why the Red God is bringing him back all the time.. This will lead somewhere interesting! The Hound turned out to be such a great, shady character. So many layers to his character and he went through so many changes! And now he can see stuff in the flames! It does actually make sense, him being marked by fire… Maybe he’s better in reading those flames than Melisandre!

I DID notice he said, that he saw a mountain……

Please let it happen!!

Sam is part of a montage this time. It’s a great one. He thought he was now able to learn everything about the White Walkers and the History of Westeros.. But nope, you are cleaning bed pans! But Sam is brave now and knows how important it is to gain more information. He steals a key and goes to the forbidden part of the library.. and there he finds confirmation that lots of Dragonglass can be found on Dragonstone!

..Where Dany is about to arrive. Great & epic scene, you really get the importance. There’s only a little dialogue, the images speak for themselves. I wonder why no one was there, that was a bit weird. But okay, I take it. Maybe everyone was hiding underground.

Also… damn Jorah is still around!!! Sam just met him in Oldtown and I HOPE they can cure his Greyscale.. I want him back in the game.

I am hype and I can’t wait for the next episode! Although this was more of an introduction, it set up so many things and was over way too fast.


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  1. I loved the Arya scenes, although I’m afraid the soldiers might mess with her? Or someone messes with the soldiers and Arya- either way I think Nymeria is coming to the rescue! Yay! And I liked seeing Dolorous Edd again lol.

    I was wondering that about Bran too. And undead giants- yikes! LOL about Euron’s ships- that’s some mighty fast shipbuilding, huh? 🙂

    Euron is kinda badass! I like how he played him too, with no shame. He comes right out and admits to what he’s done! Sandor with beric and Thoros was one of my favorites, they played off each other well, and Sandor peering into the flames- very cool!

    The Dany scenes were great, I like hoe she touched the sand and then led the way up. And that dragon shot! Good stuff.

    Thanks for the link!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have loved Arya’s story arc, becoming a faceless man and destroying the Freys. I have high hopes for her killing more people I hate-like Littlefinger! The Ed Sheeran nonsense was the only bit I didn’t like. I’m worried about Tormund going to Eastwatch too…I like him and loved his scenes with Brienne! I was so worried about Hodor being in the Army of the Dead that I never thought of undead giants! Jeez that’s bad! Loved The Hound and the Brotherhood and The Hound finding redemption and a purpose in the flames!

    Littlefinger needs to die right now and I’m not greatly bothered if Sansa dies as well. I’m more concerned about Jon! That’s a good question about Bran. Being touched by The Night King broke the Three Eyed Raven’s defences because Bran was touched…it seems logical that the same may be true of the Wall. Worrying! I hate Euron-I want to see his head on a spike! Jaime, you need to get away from your sister and get north to join the real fight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ugh, I didn’t even think about Hodor coming back as a White Walker! Please no, too much!
      I have a love/hate relationship with Littlefinger. I absolutely HATE him stirring up Sansa and trying to turn her against Jon.. But apart from that he’s such a good sneaky villain.. I wonder what else he’s got planned..


  3. A very satisfying season’s beginning indeed – and an awesome start: for all those who complained that Arya’s dispatching of Walder Frey (may he rot in Hell forever) was too hurried, here was an incredible surprise, and one that certainly made many fans happy.
    As for the Jon/Sansa bickering, while I agree that she should not undermine his authority in front of everyone, she also needs to remind him that he will need some meanness in his dealings with adversaries, and to remember that the Starks who behaved with total decency met an untimely end… What I’m worried about is the constant, sneaking presence of Littlefinger whispering in Sansa’s ear: she might have matured after her harrowing experiences, but she’s still… SANSA, after all! Maybe she needs to spend more time with young Lady Mormont, there’s a though lady there! 🙂
    And the final scenes in Dragonstone had me squealing in delight: as you said, few words and magnificent images.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish Sansa and Jon would discuss their points in private before they meet with everyone else 😀 And yes, he definitely should be a bit more ruthless & ‘mean’. Don’t end up like Ned and Robb, Jon… I mean, he did already, kinda 😀


  4. YES!!! I’m so excited too!!!! Ohh my goodness that opening was so cool!! Loved it!! And I liked all the glimpses of the white walkers that we got!! hehehe yes to Tormund and Brienne!! I ship that 😉 haha yeah Jaime is as ever the voice of reason. So hyped for the next episode too!!

    Liked by 1 person

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