Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Desserts


This time, this is not my list. I asked Mr DZ, because I am not very creative this week. He is a chef and loves making desserts. (I am lucky, I know 😀 )

Eaton Mess – Perfect simplicity of fresh strawberries, thick cream and crispy meringue. It was created when a servant dropped a meringue cake and threw it back together as if intentional. His master ended up loving it! Originally from England.

Tiramisu – Solid marriage of coffee, chocolate, creamy mascarpone and alcohol soaked sponge. Originally from Italy.

Sticky Date Pudding – Dense, moist, sweet (and that’s without the butterscotch sauce on it yet). Served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream that immediately starts to melt. A timeless way of using unfashionable dried dates.

Orange & Almond Cake – This gluten-free dessert staple does not seem like it would work when reading a recipe. Whole oranges boiled and mixed with sugar, almond meal and eggs. The result is a super moist, full-flavoured citrus cake.

Apple Pie – When made correctly this classic provides flaky, buttered pastry and lightly spiced tender pieces of apple. Accompanied with custard and ice cream or cream (or all of the above) you can’t go wrong!

Chocolate Fondant – This luscious chocolate pudding erupts when broken with a spoon with thick gooey chocolate sauce. This is caused by half cooking the pudding mix to create a cake-like surface with a liquid center. Served with fresh raspberries and double cream.

Baklava – This Turkish classic is the perfect way to get your sugar fix. Layers of flaky filo pastry and butter are baked with assorted nuts and spices. Then this dessert is given a bath of spiced honey-syrup – the result is a sticky, crispy square of goodness.

Lemon Meringue Pie – This dessert covers all bases. Tangy. Creamy. Sweet. Light. Dense. And Toasted. Lightly baked shortcrust pastry filled with lemon custard or lemon curd, topped with soft meringue and baked or blow-torched until lightly brown.

Souffl̩ РA dessert consisting of beaten egg whites, folded through a flavoured custard. When baked for 15 minutes the mix will double in size creating a light, crispy surface with a soft, gooey center. Chocolate, raspberry, mango, apricot, mocha- the flavour options are endless!

Creme Brul̩e РThe quintessential French finale to a satisfying meal is perfect in its simplicity. A baked vanilla bean custard topped with sugar and burned with an oxy torch produces in my opinion the best dessert!


Honourable mentions:

Custard Tart, Gulab Jaman, Ricotta Cannoli, Chocolate Brownie, All Ice Creams 🙂


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