Tag: I’m a Rockstar!

I was tagged by the lovely Liz from Cover to Cover. Thanks again! 🙂
1. What is the name of your band, or if you are a solo artist, your stage name (example: Lady Ga Ga, Snoop Dog, Puddles the Clown, etc…)?
It would probably be something like ‘Zombified Rabbits’. My logo will show Floppy, my demonic rabbit on the Iron Throne. I showed you this before, I know, but I love it so much, I need to show it again 😀 And it fits!
2. What genre or style of music are you known for?
Uuuuh, I want to do a mix of Dethklok and Steel Panther! I already have lyrics for my debut song:
There will be a cartoon show as well and Floppy will be the star, but with the personality of the white bunny from Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’.
Very rabbit based, but hey, you gotta do something new 😀
3. What instrument do you play or are you the lead singer?
I’d like to play the guitar, Guitar players are always the coolest. At least that’s what I think. I can’t actually play it, I only play the flute.. But how would that look?!
 4. If you could be the opening act for any band currently touring who would it be?
Currently? Probably Guns n’ Roses, they are not as rebellious anymore and get a big audience. Would be easy. Also, Slash. If it’s a band not currently touring, I’d pick Black Sabbath. I want to hang out with Ozzy.
5. Who would you name as your musical inspiration? This person can be currently breathing, or not.
Well, I am not a musician myself, so I give you my favourite bands and singers here: David Bowie, Disturbed, Shinedown, Steel Panther, Avantasia, Guns n’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Dio, System of a Down, Rhapsody of Fire, Queen, Alter Bridge, Motorhead…..
I do like any kind of Metal and Rock, at the moment I am especially into medieval or Opera style Rock and Metal.
There are some cool German medieval style bands around, like Faun or Schandmaul. Worth checking out if you like this style of music!
But don’t get me wrong, I also like Kid Rock, The Offspring, The Black Eyed Peas and The Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls were my first love.
I like a little of everything and it’s constantly changing.
6. What special item do you ask for in your dressing room on a tour contract rider?
Big, fluffy pillows
7. What item from home do you pack in your suitcase to take on tour?
My Kindle! Even though I am a Rock Star now, I still need to read!
 8. What does your stage attire look like?
Female Slash.
9. What backstage nickname have the roadies given you based on your personality?
I don’t know! Weirdo?
10. Every successful rockstar has a special charity. What’s yours?
I have a charity that collects money for poor, neglected animals
11. What is the title of your memoir going to be?
I fade away and classify myself as obsolete. That’s a long name and I will probably not be able to use it .. ahem… But I like the sound of it!


  1. Ohmy… Yes to wanting to hang with Ozzy… double yes for Slash! 😀 Steel Panther- whooot!
    You got good taste in music, that is for sure 🙂 and I love ‘Zombified Rabbits’… I would totally be a fan!
    Brilliant! Thank you for doing the tag 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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