Reading Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson: Book II

And another part is done. That means I am almost halfway through. It doesn’t seem like an effort, although the book has over 1000 pages – I enjoy it and don’t get bored. I get annoyed, but that’s another story πŸ˜‰

I totally forgot that the Grey Swords existed! So now we also get a couple of perspectives from within Capustan. Where the Pannion Domin will strike next. Probably. Gruntle and his team also arrived there, in very bad shape, as they were attacked by K’Chain Che’Malle. Damn the apostrophes! Also, they met Hetan, the lusty Barghast lady and an army of undead T’Lan Imass on their way to the gathering called in by Silverfox.

Lots of action and fighting scene in this part. I often get annoyed and bored by them in other novels, but Erikson is so damn good at describing battles and fight scenes in general. He pays more attention to single individuals while still being able to paint a perfect picture of how grand & epic the battle is.

There’s not much going on in Brood’s camp at the moment. They are all walking and scheming and the Mhybe is still suffering. So is Toc, by the way.. He stole the award of being miserable from Paran in this part. He meets the Pannion Seer who is a corpse and gets handed over to the Matron of the K’Chain Che’Malle who hugs him to death over and over. She’s basically an evil Bayley.


What I still enjoy most is everything going on with the Bridgeburners. Their banter is getting better and better. And I totally forgot how paranoid and funny Antsy is!

Picker describes them all well at one point:

‘Gods, look at these idiots. Got a mage wearing his dead mother’s hair and every time he opens his warren we get attacked by snarling ground squirrels. Got a sapper with permanent flashburns whose bladder must be a warren unto itself since I ain’t seen him wander off once and it’s three days running now at this camp. Got a Napan woman being stalked by a rogue bhederin bull that’s either blind or sees more than we do when he looks at her. And then there’s a healer who went and got himself so badly sunburned he’s running a fever.’

‘Don’t bother mentioning Antsy.’ Blend murmured. ‘The sergeant would top anyone’s list as a wall-eyed lunatic-‘

‘I wasn’t done. Got a woman who likes sneaking up on her friends. And finally,’ she added in a low growl, ‘dear old Antsy. Nerves of cold iron, that one. Convinced the gods themselves have snatched Quick Ben and it’s all Antsy’s own fault. Somehow.’

I’d read a whole big book just on their every day lives as a company.


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    1. She’s a wrestler currently with WWE. Her gimmick is hugging people πŸ˜€ little kids love her.

      Yess, definitely reminds me of the black company as well! Talking about that, i want to continue with that as well.. so much good stuff to read!

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