Movie Monday: Favourite Fantasy Movies

When I started this blog I was planning to write about books as well as movies & TV shows. I haven’t really done a lot on what I am watching so this feature is here to change it! Every Monday from now on will be all about TV, movies, actors etc.

If anyone likes this feature and wants to join in – you are very welcome! Just leave a link to your blog  🙂

Today I give you my favourite Fantasy movies. This list does not include Comic adaptations, animated movies or Scifi movies. I will have an extra list for those!

Stardust –> I have not read the book but plan to do so at one point. This movie is perfect – it is colourful, magical, romantic without being too cheesy and funny! The characters are great and I thought all of the actors did a great job! Also, it made me cry in the end!

Labyrinth –> If I had to pick a Number 1 – this would be it, without a doubt. This movie was my first ever favourite . David Bowie was my first crush and I don’t know how often I watched it or listened to the soundtrack. I still do today and will probably never stop loving this movie.

Lord of the Rings –> All of them. I thought the books were boring and was surprised that the movies were so awesome, big and epic! If you ask me – they’ve taken everything cool from the books and left the boring stuff. Changed a couple things here and there.. Bam, a masterpiece. I prefer the extended versions, like everyone. This movie turned me into a huge fan of Viggo Mortensen. I watched everything he did since.

The Princess Bride –> ‘My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.’ Anything more to say? Lovely movie – very cheesy and over the top but soo entertaining and heart-warming. And fuck yeah, Andre the Giant!!

The NeverEnding Story –> A childhood favourite. I wanted a Falkor (I still do). The whole story blew my mind when I was little and I still love it! Disappointed by the sequels though. the second was still kinda ok but the third was horrible and I am still trying to forget it.


Willow –> The sad thing is – it’s been so long since I watched it, I only remember bits and pieces. I do remember that I loved it a lot though and was sad when it ended. Time to re-watch!

The Chronicles of Narnia –> I enjoyed watching all of them, the first and third probably more than the second. Very fantastical and magical and I love love Aslan!! I have only read the first book and didn’t like it. I don’t plan to go back to reading the books, but I will watch the adaptations. Cute talking animals always get me!!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them –> The most recent one. Cute animals again haha. I wish the Potter movies would have been as adorable and magical as this one (and had better acting). I didn’t read the book and don’t plan to.

The Wizard of Oz –> The Judy Garland one. ‘There is no place like home!’ I always loved the story and the book and all the songs! This one is a classic I always like watching.

Hook –> Aw, this always makes me emotional. What a great re-telling and adventure! I still always have to watch it when it’s on. And cry^^

So what are your favourite Fantasy movies??


  1. Ooh fun post. The Lord of the Rings and Princess Bride *nods*. Great stuff.

    Willow was a trip (I remember Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley (who he later married I think?) and a dragon at the end- my memory is fuzzy). And I’ve enjoyed the Narnia movies too. I thought they were well done.

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  2. They did a great job with the LOTR films. I’ve only watched the first two of the Hobbit films so far and there are good things in it but just not as good as LOTR. I’ve still to watch Fantastic Beasts. I just can’t seem to get into a film mood with so many books to be read!

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    1. I only watched the first Hobbit movie. On a plane, I was bored^^ I did not like it very much but still started the second and ended up not even finishing it. Nah, I will leave them be 😀 Not for me.


  3. Oh you have some of my favourites right here: Willow and Labyrinth have been on that list since I first saw them when they came out (I resolutely refuse to grow out of them), and I adore Stardust. I love that they’ve taken a book I loved and changed it significantly without disappointing me – I think Gaiman made a comment at the time that any good fairytale evolves over time, and he’s absolutely right.

    While I love The Fellowship of the Ring, I have loved each subsequent film a little less (right down through the Hobbit films, where I never even bothered to see the last one). The art direction is magnificent, but I’d rather read the books.

    However, Harry Potter is a go to fantasy movie series in our house (even though neither of us have read the books). However, I think most of our genre faves are more SF-slanted than fantasy overall – or I may just be having a memory glitch because I’m on the wrong side of the world and can’t go look at our dvd shelf 😀

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    1. Ah, they changed a lot about the Stardust movie? I didn’t even know that, that’s interesting! I definitely need to read it soon! I kinda see the LotR movies as one big movie and couldn’t pick a favourite 😀 Agree on the Hobbit movies, I didn’t finish the trilogy either..
      I like the first 2 Potters but after that I liked each one a little less unfortunately. And I love the books 🙂

      I am really curious to see what your favourite SiFi movies are 🙂 I will make next week SF movie week 😀 Although I don’t know too much there.. Always good to get some recommendations though!

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  4. ooh I love this so much!!! Stardust, LOTR and Hook are my absolute faves!! And of course I love Princess Bride and Wizard of Oz! And actually, the only two on the list that I’m ambivalent about are Fantastic Beasts and Willow- and that’s only cos I haven’t seen them 😀

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  5. Aww The Princess Bride is a fav of mine and so too the Neverending Story and Lord of the Rings.
    Whenever people mention Labyrinth movie, I get confused if they mean the one with David Bowie or the other one directed by Guillermo del Toro.

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  6. So many of my favourites on this list: Stardust, Labyrinth, Princess Bride and of course, the fantastic, amazing and wonderful, Lord of the Rings movies. I love those films so much (although I definitely love the books a massive amount too). Some excellent, excellent choices!

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