Reading Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson: Book 1

Here we go – Bookstooge already posted an update earlier this week and I managed to read the first part as well. Good that this book is divided into 4 different parts – makes it easy to post updates.

So yes, this is actually a better sequel to Gardens of the Moon as it picks up with most of the characters from the first book and continues their stories. Memories of Ice runs parallel to Deadhouse Gates.

Only 3 different locations so far! We are mostly with the army led by Caladan Brood and Dujek Onearm, that is getting organized to fight the Pannion Domin. Some evil force that popped up and is conquering city after city. Not cool. Although the Malazans fought Brood’s army in the past, The Pannion Seer is threatening both of them and makes them form an alliance.

Although we do have a limited number of locations, we do have a lot of different perspectives. Most of them within or around the camp. Paran, Picker, Quick Ben, the Mhybe and Crone are only some of them.

I do love that we get so much on Quick Ben, he might be my all-time favourite character from the series, just because he’s so shifty and develops so well throughout the story. There are so many different layers to his character and he’s also quite funny and slightly insane. Also, his bromance with Kalam is one of the best!

Same with the Bridgeburners. I love all of them and it’s so easy to read about them. Spindle with his disgusting hair-shirt and confused warren, Trotts, Blend, Picker, Antsy… I love them all! Also, the table segments are hilarious!

New characters we do meet as well. Of course^^ One of them is Lady Envy, daughter of Draconus. She meets up with Toc the Younger and Onos T’oolan. She’s awesome. In my head she looks like Monica Bellucci.

Be still, my heart

Also, we meet up with Gruntle and his team. He’s a caravan guard on his way to Capustan.

There is SO MUCH history and important facts and half-facts & mysteries thrown our way… It gets really exhausting. We learn about the war between the Jaghut and the T’Lan Imass, about the Chained God being pulled down to the world and getting torn apart. About him now plotting to take his revenge, about the Sleeping Goddess Burn whose flesh is poisoned by the presence of the Chained God. About her slowly dying. About Caladan Brood wielding the hammer that could kill her immediately and destroy the whole world. About Kallor’s reign of terror and Krul and Draconus and the other goddess….

too much info

And a couple other things that may or may not be important at some point.. I don’t try to understand or connect everything anymore, it’s too much work! I do get annoyed though when characters play overly mysterious. You know THEY know but they talk in riddles or just give you some cryptic message or ominous one-liner. Seriously, stop it!

I really can’t stand Silverfox.. She’s such an annoying character. I side with Kallor on that matter. She’s the combination of Tattersail, Nightchill and Bellurdan and maybe something else, born as a Rhivi, a T’lan Imass Bonecaster made flesh, Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons Blah, no. Get her away from me! Also, she brought us the Mhybe. I do understand why she is depressed, she has a real reason to be a mess, but I get tired of reading about her constant self-pity….

It’s not that there are not enough whiny characters around this time. I think Paran wins the Award so far, he’s become a whinging little boy who wants to take no responsibilities and won’t accept his fate. I DO get why he’s annoyed, I mean the gods have been using him since day 1 but can he please cut it down or just man up. I think he does so soon though, if I remember correctly.

There’s so much I am not mentioning right now, but if I did a really detailed summary and impression of this first part, I’d still sit here tomorrow.

So just in really short. There’s another war coming up. Malazans and Brood’s army, including Kallor, Anomander Rake, Barghast, Moranth etc are fighting against the Pannion Seer and his massive army. In the background a war of the warrens and the Gods and Houses & Ascendants is starting as well. Long lost elder races are popping up again. Shit’s going down.

Gods are scheming, Ascendants are scheming, humans are scheming. Kallor is being mean. Everyone is also a philosopher. And inner monologues are life. I am SO glad there is no Mappo in this book.

Although I am complaining, just like Bookstooge, I enjoy the whole thing. I love that the world feels even more real and massive this time. I love little details and ‘insiders’, like the whole episode with the table, the Bridgeburners and the Mott Irregulars. I love that I am really into most of the characters and have so many favourites.

As I said, I do like Quick Ben the most, when you look at the whole series. But in the start, my favourite was always Anomander Rake. I mean, who is more of a badass than him in the early books? I always wanted to read much, much more about him being awesome. I mean, look at him!

GREAT art by Michael Komarck!

And he can also turn into a dragon!!! I really don’t care that he’s too powerful, everyone kinda is in this world!


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    1. She’s in the Matrix? I haven’t watched them yet! That might be a good reason to start.. Mr DZ is trying to get me to watch them for ages haha!

      She’s just gorgeous! Next to Emilia Clarke, the only other woman I have a crush on.

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