Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t

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So many! Here’s a selection:

The Powder Mage Trilogy / Brian McClellan –> Because there are so many great reviews and it sounds awesome.

The Broken Empire / Mark Lawrence –> Constantly on and off my wishlist. Sometimes I almost buy it at the bookstore. Not sure why I am so reluctant.

The Witcher Books / Andrzej Sapkowski –> Wanted to read them for ages. Now that there’s a TV show coming, I want to read the books before.

Winterlands / Barbara Hambly –> Recently found this. Promises dragons, sorcery and a quest. I’m in.

Shadows of the Apt / Adrian Tchaikovsky –> Still only on my wishlist. I’ll get there.

The Coldfire Trilogy / Celia Friedman –> Doesn’t really count because I ordered the book and it’s on the way to me 🙂

The Faithful and the Fallen / John Gwynne –> Lots of people are excited and I like what it’s about. Also, I like the covers – I will hunt down the books and not get it for my Kindle.

The Shadowleague / Maggie Furey –> Dragons

The Evertide / Todd Lockwood –> Dragons

The Others / Anne Bishop –> I always liked Bishop’s writing and my best friend loved the first part of this series. I trust her good taste 🙂


  1. I am closing in on Memories of Ice. Any day after next Sunday will work for me for starting. I probably won’t take so many notes, post as many updates or take so long as I did with DHG though.

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    1. I sneak-texted you at work.. I am home now 😀
      I will start Monday and probably only write 4-5 posts in total. Say, every 25% and I will probably be a bit quicker as well. I will link to your blog again like last time 🙂 and just call it ‘Memories of Ice Readalong’

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      1. When I read it, I got about 100 pages in and felt like I had a hard time connecting with the characters…there is a lot of complexity. I saw someone else had reco’d the prequels, so I decided to check them out. They made a HUGE positive difference in knowing the characters and understanding their motivations. So ya, I would recommend starting with them. They aren’t numbered, so here is the order they should be read:

        1. Foresworn
        2. Servant of the Crown
        3. Murder at the Kinnen Hotel
        4. Hope’s End
        5. The Girl of Hrusch Avenue
        6. The Face in the Window

        Good luck, I hope you enjoy it!

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      2. That’s awesome – thanks so much for making me aware of the prequels! I just bought the collection with 4 of them for my Kindle – so I can see if I like the writing and want to jump straight into the first trilogy after that!

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  2. Great choices! The Others series is on my list as well! And I need to read Prince of Thorns soon, it’s been on my shelves for too long! Have a great week and happy reading!


  3. Anne Bishop’s The Others series is one of my faves. However, I’ve put off the last one because I hate to see it end. However, there will be a spin-off series so that’s given me some hope – even if I don’t like the cover. I hadn’t heard about the Witcher TV show – I’m going to have to look into that.

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  4. Powder Mage is a real cool series. Second the suggestion you read all the short stories and novellas. They add quite a lot of background to the trilogy itself.

    Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire and Red Queen’s War are also great series. Both set in the same world with some overlapping.

    And you can’t go wrong with almost anything Barbara Hambly writes, though I can’t say I loved Winterlands as a series; book one, Dragonsbane, is a really entertaining old school fantasy though, but after that it goes down hill. If you like Hambly’s writing though, I’d recommend the Darwath series, one of my favorites.

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  5. You should definitely read The Powder Mage trilogy.

    I’ve been wanting to read something by Tchaikovsky forever.

    I have Malice, but that’s kind of an intimidating series to start (I’m terrible about reading series these days–such an investment of time!).

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