Buying books & ebooks

First of all, the sad truth: I don’t own many physical books anymore.

This is due to different reasons, the biggest one being that I moved overseas almost 4 years ago. With just one suitcase. I sold or gave away absolutely everything in my apartment, apart from a few items that were very important to me (my parents kept them and sent them after me) and what I was able to squeeze into my suitcase. As precious as my books were to me – I wasn’t able to take them. Believe me, it broke my heart – I’ve collected a lot for about 20 years and it wasn’t easy & involved a lot of crying -.-‘

In Australia everything is a little more expensive than in Germany. I earn a lot more, so it doesn’t make such a big difference in the end, but it still needed some getting used to. I never spent more than 10 Euro on a Paperback. And more often than not, I spent only around 5! Now I have to pay between 20$ and 30$ and for a Hardcover even more.

In almost 4 years I bought 48 physical books. I probably bought about the same amount or even more in Germany within just 1 year. It has a good side-effect though, as my TBR is almost non-existent.

So where do I get my physical copies from?

  • Bookdepository –> No delivery fee! Which is great! And they often have good offers – the books are slightly cheaper than at the local book stores
  • Dymocks –> I walk past one on my way to work and sometimes I can’t resist. Mostly, when they have a book that’s on my wishlist & it has a really beautiful cover
  • Second-hand book stores –> Sometimes. I can’t stand it, if books smell weird. I got a couple of Stephen King novels from there though, in really good quality!

Back in Germany, I mostly ordered from amazon, as books were very cheap there and the delivery never took long. Nowadays I only use amazon to order ebooks, which I do a lot. I don’t know the exact number, but I probably own more ebooks now than physical books. I love my Kindle Paperwhite!!

So how do I decide whether to get an ebook or a physical book? It’s random^^ I do need about half as ebooks and half as physical books. If they are very pretty and by one of my favourite authors, I need them on my shelf to look at^^ But I also do need ebooks, so I can read in the evenings when it’s getting dark and Mr. DZ doesn’t want to switch on the lights while he’s watching something on TV (he hates it for some reason^^). I also prefer taking my Kindle on holidays, just because I like to pack lightly and save on fees for heavy luggage 😀

Where do you normally get your books? And do you prefer books or ebooks or both? Let me know 🙂


  1. I’ve turned almost completely digital in the past few years: before the price consideration (that’s an important factor, since ebooks cost less than physical books) there is availability – when I see a book that interests me, there is no waiting time between “I want it” and “it’s mine” (I call it the Gollum Syndrome 😀 ). Then there is the not-so-small matter of shelf space: with my one-book-a-week ratio, more or less, I would need to buy another house only for my books! And last but not least, I do most of my reading on the daily commute to and from work, and weight and ease of transport have become important considerations.
    Long live the ebook 😉

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    1. Thanks for your opinion 🙂 Haha, I like ‘The Gollum-Syndrome’ 😀 I get what you mean, there are so many advantages an ebook offers.. Reading on public transport is definitely easier as well! I mostly have my Kindle with me, when I am on my way to work

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  2. Ebooks all the way. Hardcovers are now for those books that I want to “collect” and show on my shelves. I don’t buy paperbacks unless there is no other option, but most books these days I can get in ebook so I go that route.

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  3. I’m very much a physical book person. I like to smell those new pages and see a full colour shiny cover when I pull it off the shelves! I use my ereader for free and cheap books so I can try new authors and series. If I love the books I buy a paperback copy if I can and then delete the ebook. Ebooks are handy to take on holiday to save space but there is nothing like a new book in your hands!

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  4. I still love physical books the best, turning real pages and having a good sense of where I am in the book. And I’m a collector at heart. My library has been building for over 30 years! My heart breaks for you having to sell your books, I don’t think I could ever do that. But I do love ebooks for writing reviews, because it’s so easy to take notes.

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  5. I have the same issue actually. For me it’s mostly because I’ve just taken to getting more e-books for convenience and price. And I do the same- if it’s a favorite book or I really like the cover I’ll get a physical copy for my shelf. But the bulk of my book buying is now e- books. I’ll always prefer a real physical book though.

    I love getting books at used bookstores. And Book depository I’ve never really used, although I’d like to.

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  6. I prefer both. I’m a collector, so I love buying books to display in my house. I also prefer the feel of a physical copy in my hand. But I go to the gym a lot and when I’m doing cardio, it’s just so much easier to read with a kindle instead of a paper novel, so I usually am alternating back and forth and reading 2 books at the same time. One paperback, and one ebook.

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  7. Book Depository, Book Outlet, and Barnes & Noble are my main places because I mostly read physical books.
    For ebooks, I prefer Amazon. Their e-reader system is easier to navigate.
    And sometimes I visit indie bookstores.

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  8. I prefer to read online because its so much more convenient! I can be laying in my bed in the dark and still be able to read with ease. I would love to have a book shelf adorned with my favorite books but I’m a broke college students so I don’t have the space or money. I kind of feel pressured into buying physical copies now that I have started blogging tho. I did sign up for the Barnes & Noble membership, hope I can get good prices. (Sorry for the rambling)

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  9. I’m mostly ebooks these days, with the few physical books being gifts, secondhand or the occasional treat – usually because I’m a completist and started a series with physical books, but sometimes just because I love a book / an author so much. I do love having full bookshelves, but I can’t argue with the convenience of ebooks. I got one some years ago when we were taking a long trip to Australia (including a trip up to the Pilbara) and it just wasn’t going to be sensible to lug loads of books with me; and I do love that I can finish one book and have dozens of options at my fingertips!


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