Sunday Reading #1

I decided to post an update, because I am reading so many books at the moment! I normally don’t like to read more than 2 at the same time, but hey, I felt like those 3, so 3 it is!

I start with the one I am struggling with:

waking fireI read 203 of 679 pages now and am just not getting into it. I understand the kind of magic and like the concept of using dragon’s blood. It works like burning metal in Sanderson’s Mistborn series. Blood from different kinds of dragons gives you different abilities but not everyone is able to do so, just like Allomancers.

I think I had different expectations. I didn’t think dragons were treated like cattle and hunted down as well as bred for their blood 😦 That makes me sad…

Also, I don’t care about any of the 3 main characters yet, so I am kinda rooting for the dragons to eat them!

I didn’t know what it was all about until just recently. I like the idea of the expedition to look for that mysterious white dragon and being all hush-hush about it to not attract other Contractors. I also get what Lizanne’s doing, looking for this mysterious invention and the ‘Mad Artisan’. But I have no clue, what Hilemore’s storyline is there for.

I feel a bit frustrated because I think I am just not getting everything that’s going on and am also not enough into it to read passages again or go back a few pages. It’s tiring and I am not sure if it is because the language is too complicated for me as a non-native speaker, or if this book is just a bit confusing & dense in general.

There is hope though, as I got a little bit more interested in Clay’s storyline. I like Silverpin and Preacher. I am digging the quiet & broody characters. Also, the humor is really good sometimes.

I will read on a little, but if I am not convinced after half of it, I might give up.


I noticed I do need something easy to read as well, so I started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Potters are so easy and quick to read, I am almost done with it already.

And then there’s Wit’ch Storm by James Clemens, the second part of The Banned and the Banished. I am 20% into my Re-Read of this but don’t like it at the moment. Too many spiders and yucky scenes. I don’t want to read about spiders climbing into a lady’s vagina and converging into a giant spider baby, that kills the midwife after birth by sucking out her blood and putting scorpions in her belly, that make her explode later on. What?

Even Undertaker thinks that’s weird, and he’s seen some shit. This man got buried alive a couple of times and threw an innocent man of a cell!

Well, have a nice sunday!



  1. Um, I think I’ll pass on Wit’ch storm lol. That’s a little to out there for me! And Waking Fire doesn’t sound like it’s for me either- just sounds too slow and I don’t think the premise would grab me, or at least what you’ve described so far. I hope it gets better for you!

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    1. Haha, oh no! The Clemens books are not so bad mostly, they are still some of my favourites 😀 It’s only this weird part with the spider lady that’s a bit too much.. As far as I remember^^


  2. I would’ve DNFed that book by now! If I’m not enjoying after 200/600+ pages I wouldn’t be continuing with it! OK the Wit’ch Storm book sounds really weird and I don’t think it’ll be going onto my tbr anytime soon! Harry Potter is always good for a fun quick reread…it’s been three years since I looked at them!

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    1. Yeah, I know what you mean.. In most cases, I wouldn’t give a book more than that. But it’s starting to pick up so I will read a little more. But that’s the last chance 😀 There are too many other books waiting


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