Review: Retribution. War of the Gods 2 by Jennifer Fallon

The thrilling sequel to THE LYRE THIEFretribution

Since fleeing Winternest to avoid King Hablet’s wrath when he discovers the truth about her parentage, leaving her slave, Charisee, to take her place, Rakaia has been on quite an adventure. She has met the demon child, traveled the continent with the charming minstrel, Mica the Magnificent, enjoying more freedom then she ever imagined trapped in the harem in Talabar. But her freedom has come at a cost. Mica has committed an unthinkable crime, worse even, than stealing the golden lyre, and she is now his unwilling accomplice, sailing the high seas on a Tri-lander pirate ship, doing everything she can to avoid upsetting the man she once thought she loved, but has now realized is quite insane. Meanwhile, Charisee, still pretending to be Rakaia, is trying to make the best of her new life as the Lady of Highcastle. But Rakaia’s past will catch up with her, even as her own lies are in danger of being exposed. As Adrina struggles to hold Hythria together, and Marla tries to deal with the fallout from the shocking events that take place in the Citadel during the treaty negotiations, Wrayan Lightfinger and the apprentice sorcerer, Julika Hawksword, must travel to Sanctuary to find out why the fortress is back. What they will discover is shocking and will affect the entire world, even though they don’t realize it.

  1. The Lyre Thief
  2. Retribution
  3. Covenant (2018?)
  4. ???? not sure if it’s a trilogy

I just have to say, I was SO lucky with the books I read in May. This was the last one and I thought it would be really hard to get into a story after finishing ‘Assassin’s Fate’ by Robin Hobb. But nope. This book was awesome, I couldn’t put it down and finished it within a couple of days.

It’s the second part of the ‘War of the Gods’ Trilogy and plays in the same world as the Hythrun Chronicles & the Demon Child trilogy. It features a lot of characters from those 2 previews trilogies but can be read on its own. You might miss a few connections and won’t feel as strongly about some minor characters but everything that’s important will be explained and you definitely won’t have trouble understanding the story. Personally, I would recommend reading the other trilogies as well, and before that, just because they are SO good and it’s more fun. The ‘War of the Gods’ trilogy will let you know how the Demon Child Trilogy ended.

So what’s happening in ‘Retribution’? It picks up immediately where the story ended in ‘The Lyre Thief’. An important token, a Lyre, that belonged to the God of Music, was stolen and used to cause trouble. Mycah, the Lyre Thief, wants to make everyone who wronged him, suffer and uses the power of the Lyre to do so. In the end of book 1 he kidnapped the young crown prince of Hythria and wants to turn him against his family.

So again we are following a cast of different characters all around the world. They are all connected by a common threat – the stolen lyre and the abduction of the crown prince affect everything. Sometimes different characters cross paths, often the unexpected happens and we are definitely kept on our toes.

In Medalon we catch up with some of the leaders of the different parts of the country in order to renew a treaty of peace, in Hythria we watch Adrina deal with the task of leading a country in the absence of her husband Damin and we are again with the Lyre Thief and Princess Rakaia, who is still in disguise. They are on a ship for most of the story and Rakaia struggles with the decisions she made. Rakaia’s best friend, Charisee, who is still posing a her, is struggling with life at a castle, married to an old man and surrounded by people who detest her. She’s trying to befriend her slaves and do right by the people of the town but messes up more than she thinks.

We also catch up with Wrayan Lightfinger, someone familiar, if you read the Hythrun Chronicles. And also, my favourite character, R’Shiel.

It’s a captivating story with lots of scheming, politics, gods trying to play their games, manipulation and a bit of romancing. It’s not very predictable and that made me happy, because even if I thought I knew what would happen next.. some swerve is coming up, someone will unexpectedly die and everything is getting mixed up again!

Even though it’s a second part, it does have a kind of ending. Some storylines are getting resolved and threads are brought together.

Some revelations in the end show us a bigger picture though and I am already excited for the next part, which will probably be published in about a year.

My favourite moment?

“We have some catching up to do.”



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