Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Super Nintendo Games


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There’s only 3 more books getting published this year that I am looking forward to, so it’s not really worth a list. I give you this one instead! The Super Nintendo is still my favourite console and one of my most precious possessions πŸ˜‰ Here are my favourite games:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past –> The first ever Zelda Game I played and the one that made me a fan immediately. I played almost every Zelda Game there is apart from the ones for Wii and loved most of them. But A Link to the Past will always be special for me. I don’t remember how often I played it. Too many times. I still do today. I love everything Zelda. The worlds, the Quests, the weapons you collect, the music, the riddles. It’s so much fun and I will continue playing the games. That was always one of my favourite scenes:

master sword

Super Mario World –> Also lots of fun! I love Mario Games and this is definitely a favourite. The Mario games for the Super Nintendo are definitely the best if you ask me. This one had so many cool levels, so many secret passages, Blue Yoshi! I hated the ghost levels though, freaking Boo…. So many cool features and the chocolate levels always made me hungry haha. Also, the Star World was cool πŸ™‚

star world

Super Mario All-Stars –> Includes Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: The Secret Levels, Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3. I didn’t care much for the Lost Levels, but all of the others are great, especially Mario 3. I loved that you could turn into a Frog or a Raccoon and collect Flowers, Clouds, etc. And there’s the awesome magical Flute that makes you jump whole worlds. Although I never did it, I had too much fun with all of the levels. Apart from the fucking flying ships, I hated them! I can’t remember how often I died in this level where the sun attacks you until I figured out how to avoid it and jump over the whirlwind. It was very frustrating πŸ˜€ Or that annoying fat fish that ate you. Argh!

Super Mario Bros is of course the classic and the first Mario Game I played, on the older Nintendo. Mario 2 is just weird, but I still enjoyed it although I never finished it. I came pretty far but always gave up at some point. I always played as Princess Peach, she floated so nicely πŸ˜€ Hated those sand levels and still don’t know what this egg-firing boss-thing was


Yoshi’s Island –> I thought it was hard! Entertaining, but hard! And annoying when you lost freaking baby Mario. Yoshi doesn’t need you!! πŸ˜€ There was this one really long level with 4 different sub-levels. I almost gave up there because I died so often. I defeated it n the end but never finished the whole game. I enjoyed it, but liked the other Mario games more.

Super Mario Kart –> When I think of Super Mario Kart I always have to think of my brother. He was my Gaming buddy anyways and we always played this extra Level in which you try to eliminate your opponent. Ah yes, and I always played as Koopa Troopa. When he wasn’t available I was Yoshi. I liked all of the fire levels the most, and the one at the beach because there was this cool short cut that always had you win!

Donkey Kong Country –> I didn’t play it as much as the other 2 games but definitely enjoyed it as well! I don’t own it anymore, which annoys me. I just don’t know where it went.. It had those cool mini games after you collected golden animal tokens.

Donkey Kong Country 2 –> I think this was the first game we owned. It was my dad’s favourite as well! Really awesome & diverse game! I always loved playing as the snake and the spider and liked the roller-coaster & honey levels the most. The levels that made me mad were the ones with the barrels and thorns, anyone remember those?donkey 2 thorns

It took me ages when I was little. And I still die a couple of times when I play it nowadays. There was also this windy level I remember that made me angry. I think you were the snake in it. As well as the water level in which the water turned red and killed you if you weren’t quick enough! I still love it and thought it was more challenging than Mario games for example.

Donkey Kong Country 3 –> My favourite of the 3. I just liked the world, the variety and love to details and almost all levels! And the little banana birds you had to collect, the elephant you could play as, the snow levels and the secret world! Also, the mini games were fun, remember this?


Super Street Fighter II –> Loved it. I don’t think I had a favourite character to play. I liked Chun-Li, Ryu and Zangief, but I played as all of them. We mixed it up!

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja –> Probably not as well known, but addictive! More fun to play with 2 players. Music gets annoying after a while. Has cool mini games. We never finished it, because our version didn’t save.. We got pretty far at one point but never managed it to the end. ninja

Anyone remember those awesome games? Any other good ones I should check out? I am trying to hunt down ‘Secret of Mana’ but it’s always so expensive!


  1. Make sure to play ActRaiser, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, PilotWings, Contra 3, Super Castlevania IV, Final Fantasy II, Maximum Carnage, Tiny Tunes, and ALL the Super Star Wars games! Those are some of my favourites! So many great games on your list!!

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  2. Hehe!!! This list totally made my day. Not at all what I expected when I clicked through from Broke and Bookish πŸ˜€ I never had a Super Nintendo. I had the regular and then upgraded to a 64. I loved going to my friend’s house to play hers though. Mario Kart and Donkey Kong were our faves to play. Then when I upgraded to 64 Star Fox. I still play it on occasion (when I can get the darn thing to work!).

    Here’s my TTT.

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  3. The egg firing thing is Birdo, which in the original packaging was a trans bird (though played for humor rather than any sort of progressive reason). Later it became something of a female Yoshi in later games. Peach was the only character worth playing in Mario 2.

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