Tea is Life


As you can see.. I LOVE tea! Especially now, when it’s late autumn here and slowly getting colder. There’s nothing better than reading a good book on the couch, where it’s warm & cozy and enjoying a nice cup of tea!

I mostly drink Black Tea varieties, I love Chai and in summer I sometimes have cold fruity teas. I tried making Matcha tea, but it looks and tastes like green swamp water. Need to figure out what I am doing wrong there…

The teas in the picture are:

  • Gingernut
  • Chai
  • Lamington (Straya, mate!)
  • Praline (kinda tastes like Nutella)
  • Toasty Warm (an Oolong tea with almonds & honey)
  • Banana Bake
  • Ginger Spice
  • New York Breakfast (EBT plus cinnamon & vanilla notes)
  • Hot Cross Bun
  • Citrus Punch (nice when cold)
  • Vanilla Slice (not a fan)
  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Marzipan-Cinnamon (from Germany)

I love my cinnamon…

We also have this awesome shop in Australia called T2, that sells every tea imaginable and all the pretty cups, pots, glasses etc. I just can’t walk past them! They have so many handy things and it’s set up so beautifully…

So do you like tea? What’s your favourite? I always look for new flavours and the weirder, the better 😀


    1. I just did recently. Tea is not that big in Germany.. I got more into it when I was living in Northern Ireland and it’s the same in Australia.

      Are you drinking Coffee? I find that people here are either into tea OR into coffee.. But never both 😀 While I love both haha

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  1. Ich liebe Tee (und trinke Kaffee nur mit sehr, sehr viel Milch und ebensolcher Zuckermenge 😉 ), dummerweise muss ich seit ein paar Jahren etwas aufpassen und vertrage nicht mehr jeden Tee. Also beschränke ich mich auf maximal einen halben Liter schwarzen Tee (eine Assam-“Ostfriesentee”-Mischung) pro Tag und greife sonst auf Früchte- und Kräutertees zurück. Beim Früchtetee gern auf Mischungen ohne Hagebutte, während ich bei den Kräutertees gern etwas Minze dabei habe. Matcha mag ich nur als Zutat in Kuchen oder Milchshake. *g*

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    1. Oh das ist ja schade!

      Aber kraeutertee ist ja auch ganz gut! Mein freund trinkt den am liebsten, im moment hab ich einen minz tee fuer ihn, der nennt sich ‘bright night’

      Haha, matcha kuchen, yummy! Ich mag matcha in allem xD hier drueben ist das riesig, vor allem, weil hier so viele asiaten wohnen, die sind da so kreativ mit und packen es ueberall rein 😀


      1. “Bright Night” klingt hübsch für einen Tee – meine Teesorten haben eher Namen wie “Seelentröster” oder “Muntermacher” und dann bin ich immer sehr versucht, sie trotz leckerem Geschmacks im Regal stehen zu lassen, weil ich das so doof finde. 😉

        In unserer Stadt gibt es viele Japaner (und ein absolut großartiges französisch-japanisches Café), so dass man doch einige Möglichkeiten hat, wenn man Sachen mit Matcha (oder Bohnenmus – nicht mein Ding!) essen möchte. ;D

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  2. Ooo T2 recently opened a few stores here in the UK! If they still have it in stock, I highly recommend their Bollywood Breakfast, which is a chai 😀 I adore chai too! What’s your favourite type? Mine’s vanilla chai ❤️ Oh and as for the matcha, try iced matcha latte 😀 Way better than pure matcha! When I was living in Japan, there was a cafe chain dedicated entirely to matcha food and drink products!

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    1. Omg, thanks! I will need to check out if they have Bollywood Breakfast, that sounds amazing 🙂 And I am almost done with my Breakfast tea anyways so good timing haha! My favourite is spicy chai 🙂 And I LOVE matcha latte! I sometimes get the powder from the asian supermarket, but we have a couple japanese cafes here that make it and other yummy things 🙂
      Living in Japan must have been soooo amazing! I hear it’s a totally different world out there. Definitely want to go on a holiday.

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      1. Ooo never had spicy chai! Will definitely have to try that 😀 Yes, Japan is an amazing place! I couldn’t recommend it more 🙂 Highly recommend Yokohama! Next door to Tokyo, but a lot more chilled out!

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    1. It tastes more nutty than like chocolate, but you get a little hint 🙂 I didn’t expect it to be that good. Once I was told to keep chocolate out of your tea but I can’t agree with that anymore 😀

      I don’t like green tea, although i tried a few varieties. And I never say no to fresh mint tea 🙂

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      1. Lol! It tastes good, when sweetened, though I’m not crazy about the scent. Just cut up some garlic cloves and put it in some water n let it brew for a while, sweeten n drink.

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