Reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson: Chapter 19 – End

Finished! This will be my last ‘Read Along Post’ for this book. On the one hand I will miss writing those but on the other I am also happy to not make notes after reading a chapter anymore πŸ˜€ I said it before, but this book is just so dense and packed with information – it’s easy to miss something.

So let’s see how everyone fared in the end:

Felisin: Started out as a young, innocent & protected noble born lady. Learned how to use her body as currency, became a drug addict, was mean to everyone, cynical and went through a lot of pain to become Sha’ik Reborn, the new leader of the whole Apocalypse that stands against the Malazan Empire.

Heboric: Started out as a handless Ex-Priest of Fener. Has ghost hands now but is kinda blind. Can’t have everything! Became more depressed throughout the book. Gained more power somehow, played a part in Fener’s fall from his warren. Now Felisin’s advisor but still conflicted.

Baudin: Felisin’s bodyguard, fought hard, now dead

Kulp: last wizard of Coltaine’s army, also dead

I am really not that much into Sha’ik’s storyline anymore. The only character I am slightly more interested in, is Karsa and he’s not playing a big role yet. Leoman is very bland and Felisin & Heboric are too bitter and nasty and there are too many inner monologues.

Icarium: Ended the same way how he started, unknowing of his past. In the middle of the book Mappo cracked and told him what he did but then Iccy went into a rage again and Mappo had to knock him down, resulting in Icarium losing his memories again. I wonder how much he loses at all? Because he remembers up to a certain point. Just random? Maybe…

Mappo: Depressed in the start, depressed in the end. Slightly more depressed and angsty though.

Fiddler: After the whole Azath episode, he decided to become a soldier again and signed up for Tavore’s army to fight the rebellion. Yeah!

Apsalar, daddy & Crokus: Finally go home.

Iskaral Pust: Found himself a lady and went home as well.

I did not remember at all, that Moby became the guardian of the Azath! Not sure if I find it very clever or very far-fetched. It is what it is.

Kalam: after a big battle in which Kalam kills way too many Claws (are they that bad?? He’s one guy and I can’t take them seriously as an Elite assassin guild anymore), he meets with Laseen who’s not really there and decides not to kill her. Alright.

I love all segments that feature Cotillion and Shadowthrone. Especially Cotillion is an awesome character. He’s probably in my Top 5 πŸ˜€

Duiker: Started out as a miserable historian, lived a miserable historian’s life, then watched his army get betrayed and thousands of soldiers getting crucified until he himself is killed. Buuuut, he was wearing this magic chain that was meant for Coltaine and his soul was saved. So he can tell the story.

Coltaine: dead but reborn in the Epilogue! Coltaine’s fall was an amazingly epic scene! Thousand’s of crows arrive to take his soul after he died.


Bult: dead

Lull & List: dead

Damn, they almost made it.. Coltaine and his army were cut down just before Aren and the Malazan army didn’t help them. Then after the slaughter they ride out and Mallick Rel (the jhistal priest from the start, that nobody liked) sided with Kamist Reloe and Korbolo Dom. Bam, that’s an easy way to ‘liberate’ Aren.. But did they? Haha, nope. Blistig knew something wasn’t right and stayed behind with his men and the Red Blades. Which will be enough to hold the city until Tavore arrives? Hopefully!

I loved the fact that we get a cameo of Gesler & Stormy again in the end. And they rescued Bent, the cattle dog as well as the small lapdog. Also, they meet Icarium & Mappo on their way! As much as I don’t like those two, I love the fact that some of the different storylines meet sometimes, which leads to interesting situations and cool mix-ups^^


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  1. Great last readalong post!

    I remember when I read this the first time, I kept waiting for the fall of Fener to play a large part in future books. And it never did. I thought the fall of a god would be momentous. I guess Erikson disagrees πŸ˜€

    And I don’t think we ever see the reborn Coltaine. It was a thread tied off, story-wise. Unless it gets mentioned in 2 paragraphs 5 books later πŸ˜‰

    I keep expecting “the group of characters” to go from book to book and they don’t. It is single individuals. have to admit I don’t care for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we meet young coltaine once xD but it’s just a treat for us readers i think.. maybe there’ll be a new series/trilogy just on coltaine one day?

      Isnt there supposed to be a Karsa trilogy in the future as well?

      I’d be interested in a book about Quick Ben’s adventures πŸ˜€ or a book about the sappers, that’d be fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, considering that Erikson hasn’t even finished the Karkanas trilogy [dealing with the tisti andii] yet, and he’s writing other books, I wouldn’t hold your breath on either of those πŸ˜€

        A standalone about some sappers would be great…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. He is a very main character. And it was one of the most navel gazing, inner thought monologuing books I’d ever read.
        All the reviews I’d read at the time though were praising it to high heaven. So you might absolutely love it.

        Liked by 1 person

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