Reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson: Chapter 15 – 18

I should have written down more! But I just couldn’t stop reading. My plan was to be done with the book by the end of April. But I am not convinced I will be able to finish it today. There’s still a good 20% to go.

I try to sort through my thoughts.

Let’s start with what I love. Gesler, Stormy and Truth are back!! And they are still on deck of the Silanda. They just have a short cameo though and will play no further part in this storyline, I think. It was still great to see them and especially to see them interact with Coltaine, Duiker and co. Love the banter!

Gesler on Bult and Lull:

You know, Commander,’ Gesler said a moment before stepping into the boat, ‘I just noticed – between you and the captain you got three eyes and three ears and almost a whole head of hair.’ Bult swung around to glare at the corporal. ‘Your point?’ ‘Nothing. Just noticing, sir. See you all in Aren.’

Also, that episode in the warren including magical fire etc. put them on the path of becoming Ascendants, love it! I don’t think they are aware of it yet though.

Coltaine’s army doesn’t get a break. Now they have Korbolo Dom’s army in front of them and what’s left of Kamist Reloe’s behind. And a river to cross. But there’s Dom’s army waiting. And a bunch of butterflies. A messenger from their enemies offers free crossing of the river for the refugees but Coltaine doesn’t trust them and rejects the offer. The nobles on the other hand take the offer and start crossing with the refugees. Of course it was a trap and they get slaughtered. But Coltaine saw it coming. There are fighters within the group of refugees and Sormo uses his awesome sorcery to help. Unfortunately he gets killed.. and the thousands of butterflies swarm him to take his soul(?). I tried to find fan art on this scene but sadly couldn’t find anything. Would have been awesome to have it visualized.

Now that we know that Apsalar is not destined to become Sha’ik, it is revealed that their actual destination is Tremorlor, the House of the Azath. Fiddler and the crew catch up with Apsalar and her dad and travel together from now on. Mappo is having depressing thoughts about Icarium and Icarium is upset because of his lost memories. There’s too much drama surrounding those two. Back to the Azath.. apparently it’s under attack by a piece of a warren as well as all the shapeshifters who think it promises a way to Ascend. Ok. There’s some more dramarama as Mappo listens to Icarium talk to Apsalar and it’s all breaking their hearts and so sad and they are all so torn and cry and bla.. I just want them to get over it and move on. Finally, in the end, Mappo tells Icarium that he killed a fuckton of people and destroyed numerous cities in his past. Icarium is like, Kay, bro, I let the Azath take me for my crimes and thereby protect it/help it fight off the attackers. Which is, what House Shadow had planned all along(?). Anyways, because Icarium is so powerful, they fear he might accidentally kill the Azath. Shadowthrone gets scared and sends his Hounds of Shadow as protection or to be taken instead?

The closer they get to the Azath, the more Shapeshifters are coming and they get attacked by Gryllen, the guy who can turn himself into a horde of rats. They are getting overwhelmed and Fiddler is about to use a cusser on them.. but instead throws the shell he was given by the Spiritwalker in the start of the novel. I remember! It breaks and releases a song which is apparently not Gryllen’s favourite because it kills him.

Felisin.. I don’t know, I am not really into her chapters anymore. Heboric is becoming even more of a smartass and there’s too much philosophical speeches going on. I always thought Leoman was a rather boring character and Karsa is still nothing more than ‘Toblakai’. He’ll become more of a defined character later on. We all know that Felisin is Sha’ik Reborn now and leader of the Whirlwind. Which will lead to an interesting situation because there’s news on her sister, Adjunct Tavore, leading an army against the Uprising.

Kalam is still on the ship to Unta. Fighting pirates and mean treasurers. Demons and monsters. And trying to figure out what Elan is up to.

There’s probably a lot of little things I don’t get at the moment. I choose to ignore it, because I understand and connect most of what’s happening, and that’s enough for me. Although there are a few storylines I like more than others, I enjoy the whole book and would love to jump straight into ‘Memories of Ice’ when I am done.

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  1. I’m hoping to finish up by the end of the week. I know I could have been done by now if I hadn’t taken notes. But then I would just be super de duper confused and not remembering 2/3 of the stuff. Erikson REALLY packs in the info.

    I’m still trying to figure out what benefits being Ascended grants. When they all realize Gessler and Co are pre-Ascendant, I think Duiker looks at Coltaine too? But Coltaine doesn’t seem like he can just go out and tear apart the opposing army.

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    1. I started taking more notes again as well, it’s just much easier and I don’t forget anything..

      Benefits of being an Ascendant hmmm… Power in different forms, the attention of gods (which is not necessarily a good thing!) It’s not immortality, I am sure πŸ˜€

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