Reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson: Chapter 12 – 14

I can’t. stop. reading. I am so excited, I definitely should have done this whole Re-Read years ago, probably directly after ‘The Crippled God’. I thought I wouldn’t like the books as much anymore, now that I know the ending and it wouldn’t be as much fun reading them. But nope, I love ‘Deadhouse Gates’ even more now. And it helps, that I forgot so much. It’s almost like reading a new book^^

Duiker’s is still my favourite perspective. It’s really not pretty though at the moment, as Erikson shows us the real side of war. Duiker is in a state of despair and doubt. He doesn’t have much hope left and can’t see them surviving their walk to Aren. We get some backstory on Duiker himself – he was once a soldier and forced to become a historian by Emperor Kellanved. At the moment Duiker tries to stay away from any kind of battle, but Coltaine has other plans and wants him right in the middle.

We get a glimpse of one certain cattle-dog at one point who will play a bigger role later on. Yep, a dog. And he’s awesome!

The nobles are still being pathetic, trying to ignore the whole situation they are in and wanting to be treated according to their rank. That also means having servants. Although their servants are actually the ones trying to help the soldiers as good as they can. I figure there have to be some villains within the camp itself…

As Coltaine’s ‘Chain of Dogs’ has enemies coming from every side, they fight almost all the time. There’s still a good balance between quiet scenes, long dialogues, meetings between the commanders, views into the refugees’ camps, the soldiers’ camps, the preparation and flat out awesome battles with magic and explosions! Erikson is a genius at describing battle scenes, I don’t know what he does but he shows them perfectly.

Also, this quote:

‘Children are dying.’ Lull nodded. ‘That’s a succinct summary of humankind, I’d say. Who needs tomes and volumes of history? Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words. Quote me, Duiker, and your work’s done.’

Captain Lull is slowly becoming one of my favourite characters. He just lost an eye and his nose in the battle though. I remember him being around for a long time though.. Hope I don’t mix him up with someone else!

What I also like is, that Corporal List, the one who always died first in Coltaine’s mock battles, is now always on Duiker’s side.

Kalam and his group as well as Fiddler and his bros are not doing much at the moment, apart from travelling. Fiddler is more and more convinced of the idea that Apsalar is trying to become Sha’ik Reborn, while Kalam split from Minala (thank you!) and boarded a ship to Aren. A mysterious stranger called Salk Elan introduces himself to Kalam and explains to him that he booked the passage. It’s Pearl, isn’t it? I don’t remember a lot about him, only that I didn’t like him and he was a sneaky little weasel… He did something that really upset me, betrayed someone I liked probably? But I can’t remember!! πŸ˜€ Oh yes, and Minala is following Kalam, meh.. I always felt like any woman was a danger to the great Kalam & Quick Ben bromance. Such a good team!

Felisin, Kulp and Heboric find a cave and precious water. Also, some magic has been worked there and bodies seem to be frozen(?) in time.. They leave the cave and are caught up in the Whirlwind once again. We get some more information about shapeshifters. Apparently they are born and you can’t turn into one by getting bitten for example. Also, the convergence and Whirlwind happening at the same time is no coincidence.

While their storyline was a little quiet after the whole Silanda episode.. lots of talking, musings, almost dying and depressing thoughts by Felisin.. it’s made perfectly clear, that this was just the calm before the storm. They meet a fat man, who is waaaay to nice to them and offers protection.. which they take because what else is there for them?

Then this guy.. turns into a fucking HORDE of rats and EATS KULP! NOOOOOO! And not only that!! A shapeshifting bear turns up and helps them and then Baudin is there to help them! But he gets burned super badly and STILL makes it to Felisin & Heboric & dies in Felisin’s arms! I wasn’t ready for all of that! And especially his last words & Felisin finally breaking down…

‘You… were … not what I expected…’

Armour can hide anything until the moment it falls away. Even a child. Especially a child.

And then, woah! All this talk about Apsalar becoming Sha’ik Reborn was a false lead! It is none other than …. Felisin!

I have been looking at some fan art and there are so many awesome drawing around! I love this one here of the Demon Apt with her little boy πŸ˜€


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  1. I remembered that Apsalar was a false lead, but I couldn’t remember who the real lead was.

    Kulp getting eaten made me realize that anyone I met in these books could suddenly just die and leave their story thread cut. It was not a nice feeling at all.

    I think Pearl ends up playing a huge role as a Claw. He either takes over or is already the leader from the shadows? Or maybe he’s a Talon? Those 2 group dynamics really intertwine with all the revenge killings and supplantation and what not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everyone can die, that’s true.. but also, half of them get resurrected or ascend or come back in some way. As much as I liked it, it sometimes annoyed me. At some point I was almost always sure that when one person died, he/she would come back.

      Claw, Talon.. I think I need to pay more attention to those storylines. I never really was interested very much in what was going on there πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. re: Resurrect, etc.
        Yeah, then later on you have the whole war with Hood going on in the background and you see armies of dead malazans assaulting/defending Hood. What’s the point of dying if you aren’t really dead?

        re: Claw/Talon.
        It is weird how different things stick out to different people, isn’t it? Just goes to show how much stuff is here…

        Liked by 1 person

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