Reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson: Chapter 9 – 11

Let’s start with the cool stuff: There’s a giant undead dragon.

He’s unfortunately only passing by and helping Kulp, Heboric and everyone else stuck on the Silanda get out of that warren. Never mind, there are enough dragons and shapeshifting dragons around in the series.

Unfortunately there’s a horrible fire after they got through the warren and Gesler, Stormy & Truth are lost for now. After Felisin was nasty to Baudin, who actually saved her life and was sent as a bodyguard by her sister Tavore, he leaves the group. Well done, Felisin. Kulp says, what I have been thinking.. Why doesn’t Heboric leave her as well? She’s not making it easy for anyone. Unfortunately he feels bad and stays with her.

Felisin has become almost unbearable at that point. She is mean and nasty to everyone and just wants to hurt people. She only thinks of herself and no one else. Hers could have been a good story of redemption… But it’s another direction.

Kalam’s storyline isn’t so intriguing to me at the moment. Especially since I really am not a big fan of Minala, a very boring character who doesn’t have to be there. We get lots of fighting in his chapters though and see how good an assassin Kalam is, easily taking on 8 people and dropping all of them. In every other book this would have been unrealistic, but not in the Malazan Book of the Fallen πŸ˜€ Were Anomander Rake walks the earth and every second person has secret magic powers^^

Fiddler and co. don’t do much in this chapter but uncover serious plans by Iskaral Pust and House Shadow(?). It is to make Apsalar the new Sha’ik! As she was possessed by Cotillion in Book 1, she still has memories and skills from that time and recovers more every day. They think she would be easily influenced by them again but Apsalar is having none of it. She sets off to find her father.

One whole chapter is dedicated to Duiker’s pov. He’s a great choice, because as the imperial historian he witnesses everything important and is always in the middle of the action. As much as I would have liked a Coltaine pov – he’s often just behind the scenes. The atmosphere is pretty desperate – Coltaine’s ‘Chain of Dogs’ has more refugees than soldiers and they are followed by a giant army of the Whirlwind. there’s also a smaller one waiting for them across the river they have to pass and it takes a lot of good ideas to get them past. Fortunately the Wickan soldiers are fierce and even the Malazan soldiers adore and fear Coltaine and are loyal to him. Also, they have sappers who like to blow up things as well as child warlocks who can raise Zombie soldiers.

I do love the sappers

‘I saw a company of Engineers on my way here,’ Lull said. ‘They were weeping, one and all.’

Chenned asked, ‘Why? Is their invisible commander lying on the bottom of the Sekala with a mouthful of mud?’

Lull shook his head. ‘They’re out of cussers now. Just a crate or two of sharpers and burners. You’d think every one of their mothers had just croaked.’

It’s also a running joke in this, that the captain of the sappers never appears to everyone. He never comes to meetings and no one knows who he is or if he exists at all. I don’t remember whether we actually get to know him or not πŸ˜€

By the way, this is how I imagine Coltaine to look like, I can’t help myself:



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  1. 3 chapters at a time seems to be just about the correct amount to write about. Any more and I get totally flooded with trying to put all the info into one post. I’ll try to have a post up tonight through 11 as well.

    The wickan child sorcerers freak me out! The time that 3 of them, with Duiker as witness, went back in time and allowed the spirits of the land to kill the mad god of the Memk/Remk [can’t remember ALL these names, sigh]. Brutal! Erikson just keeps escalating the level of power available, it is unreal. I thought the Jaghut tyrant from Gardens of the Moon was a tough mother, but man, it feels like a video game where you battled a boss on the first level. Now at the 4th level, you’re seeing that boss as a regular enemy and the new boss is WAY UP THERE.

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    1. Yesss exactly!! It seems like a game or Dragonball, where the enemies & heroes just get bigger & stronger all the time!

      And yeah, i can’t write about more than 3 – i have to sit down immediately after finishing or i will forget most of what happened haha

      The semk, yes! I remember because they just got mentioned! That one scene where this kid’s face explodes 😦 i didn’t remember that from reading the first time..

      I have to say though – that whole duiker/chain of dogs storyline is captivating! I am always upset when the perspective changes..

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      1. DBZ is a perfect analogy. Makes me wonder if Erikson had seen some anime or something πŸ™‚

        I’ve actually started taking notes after each chapter now. With some many pov’s, I’m getting lost. Thankfully, the pov’s seem to be getting less per chapter and longer. Now that I’ve written that, there will probably be a bunch of chapters with EVERYONES pov πŸ˜€

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